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Do you ever wish upon a star?

Asked by UnholyThirst (1498points) September 26th, 2014

While you are staring out into the darkness, do you ever wish someone would come back to you either from the dead or from the past?

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No. Jiminy Cricket isn’t my conscience so I don’t believe it.

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Yes, I often wish I could see some of my loved ones, friends, or people I’d like a do over, that have departed from my life. It doesn’t hurt to wish and it helps me keep their memories alive.

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Still to this very day it was always my wish to have my Mother back, but I’d much rather remember her just the way she was before her illness overcame her fragile body.Things now, are as they are to be…she’s with me always in Spirit…

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The star I wish on every time I see her in a movie is Scarlett Johansson! I won’t say what the wish is. ;-)

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There is nothing wrong with wishing. When a situation is without any further recourse, wishing is all that remains; wishing/prayer is what people hang onto rather than give up hope. Sometimes, it is that one intangible which makes the difference between survival, and demise.

Yes, sometimes I wish, and wish, and wish, to god, or on a star, or to whoever, whatever will stir a force, make something change.

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Today there is no star to wish.

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Sometimes I desire to see people who have died, but I don’t wish on stars or similar.

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I do communicate with them even without the star. I have access to their side, I am of their realm, I want to be with them.

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I have in the past. Now I just chuckle at how naive I was and generally have stopped making wishes and hoping altogether.

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