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What song is this?

Asked by weeveeship (4632points) September 26th, 2014

Just heard it on the radio, Contemporary Hits station, so it must be recent (past five years or so). I only caught the ending of it. Goes something like this:

Cuz I’ll be there for you in your darkest night (repeated 2–3 times)

And then it leads to the main chorus. After that, the song ends.

It’s a rock or pop song with, I believe, a male singer.

Any ideas what song this is?

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What station was it?

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Did you check if the station has their playlist online?

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Might have been Maps by Maroon 5.

More information about the type of music would be helpful.

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It’s “I was there for you in your darkest times,” and it is indeed Maps by Maroon 5.

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That’s the one. You are awesome.

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For future reference, you can post snippits of the song into google and usually get results. I’ll be there for you in your darkest night

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@Dutchess_III That’s not the search you actually posted.

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What @dappled_leaves? Oh, I see what you’re saying. Oh…that’s weird! I don’t even know the song! I thought I just copied and pasted the OP’s version, but maybe I typed it in manually and accidentally got the right words.

Tried it again, copying and pasting the OP’s words, got a different result.. The “Maps” song does show up further down the list.

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