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Castle recreations?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) September 26th, 2014

My sister wanted me to ask if there are any real, historical castle recreations based on ruins? Only ruins; Not looking for models of Windsor castle or anything. Any form of media is fine as long as they’re accurate.

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Is your sister looking for a recreation of an existing ruin, like this one from Second Life?

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Essentially, but rather than a recreation of the ruins, she’s looking for something that would have the castle appear as it was originally built, inside and out.

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that would be a tough thing to recreate, since castles generally evolved over time with additions and extensions and improvements being made over hundreds of years. Lots of castles were rebuilt from ruins in the 19th century and built in the gothic revival style which made them look old. But generally not a replica of the original castle. There is a project in France to recreate a 13 century castle using only technology known at that time.

Is that any help?

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@Stinley I think she’ll be happy with that info, thank you. :)

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