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I'm making breakfast for a special girl, but I suck at cooking. What should I make?

Asked by hellbender (9points) July 13th, 2007

Maybe something romantic, but nothing too obvious. And nothing too difficult :)

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Pancakes pancakes pancakes! So simple! The real trick is keeping the temperature of the pan not-too-high and making sure that it's greased in between pancakes. Top with her favorite fruit, some fresh squeezed OJ, and you're set.

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go to the nearest bakery and get like 5 pastries to sample, as well as some fresh fruit and orange juice. do you know how to make coffee? that's nice too.

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alternately, yogurt, granola, fruit.

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you know what? It doesn't matter. Its all about the thought/effort that matters. Screwing up is almost better than doing it right.

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It IS the thought that counts, and she will love whatever happens, but how about a private dress rehearsal? You don't want to set a pot holder on fire or spatter hot butter. And remember that the first pancake is usually burnt around the edges and should be the test...toss it and serve number two. Let us know how it goes.

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my favorite, breakfast for dummies trick, is to get frozen berry mix bag from the store, dump it in a sauce pan, throw a bunch of sugar in there, (half a cup or cup depending on your sweet tooth) and boil it into a sauce. it's quick and painless.

throw on frozen waffles or french toast (challah or raisin bread good) and it's pretty awesome tasting and seems fancy. also juice and coffee or tea.

but really, some strawberries and cream and you are also nice ways to impress a girl.

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pancakes are a great idea. fresh ripe fruits and fresh good juice are always winners. a little butter on the pancakes or in the pan will make them oh so yummy. real maple syrup if you can swing it, or a homemade syrup with some frozen berries, sugar, and water (as above).

if you want to make the pancakes a little more *special* (romantic?) than the mix, add a little something to the batter -- chocolate chips, some frozen or fresh berries, little slices of fresh banana, a couple pinches of cinnamon or nutmeg, or something else you or she especially likes (maybe clear it with someone first if you're unsure!).

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Have someone show you how to grind and then brew fresh coffee beans and squeeze fresh oj - you can use an old-fashioned, fool-proof glass reamer rather than an expensive juicer. French Toast is easier than pancakes and can be embellished the same way. Slice good bread (Challah for example). dip both sides quickly in a bowl of beaten eggs and a little water, and fry w. butter in pan. Turn when brown. Real maple syrup, as zina says, is vital.. No Aunt Jemima. Or just find beautiful fresh croissants and berries.

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Scrambled eggs,add picante sauce or salsa
after eggs halfway cooked. Add cumin if you have some. Top off with sour cream right before serving. Can be wrapped in tortilla to make breakfast taco.

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wow. So many awesome suggestions. I'm all set for unique dishes for a few breakfasts in the future :)

As for this time, i went with the pancake mix and made some blueberry syrup using about 1:2 water:sugar ratio and frozen blueberries. It was too sweet - I'll try 1:1 next time. I was sad that the syrup wasn't thick enough but I didnt realize I just had to wait for it to cool. So yeah, a few small mess ups but overall it was very well appreciated, and yeah... Maybe the messups were almost a good thing!

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You can also drop a few blueberries onto the pancakes as they cook (on the first side) then they'll stay whole and not mushy. If you make a blueberry syrup you can dramatically decrease the sugar, as blueberries are sweet. Taste it as you go along. Also, although I commend your doing this at all. Take a look at a pancake recipe, it's painfully easy and much better tasting than boxed. Check out

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Although, I have to say there's a very soft spot in my heart for Bisquick pancakes.

Swedish pancakes are also pretty easy to make as well (from a mix).. you just need to eat them as you make them. :)

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Waffles are way easier than pancakes, at least in my experience…For dessertiness, make chocolate chip waffles!

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french toast. its hard to mess that up. beat eggs, dip bread, put in pan, wait, flip, wait, remove from pan. TA-DA!

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