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Which is preferred for microblogging - Plurk or Twitter?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) July 9th, 2008

I use both and I like both but I now like Fluther too. I am over-extended.

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Ooh! Don’t forget you can use Strawpoll to ask this on Twitter. I haven’t tried Plurk.

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i use tumblr for micro-blogging. I use facebook’s status updates for doing what twitter does

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I tried Plurk a couple of times, but still ‘hardcore’ at Twitter. It’s mainly due to network effect; I have more friends at Twitter compared to Plurk. Also, I prefer the no-frill interface of Twitter compared to the visual candy interface of Plurk. I think Plurk is going to have a tough time competing head-on with Twitter (despite the latter infamous downtimes). FriendFeed may have a better chance of attracting users from Twitter; so is the open-source microblog,

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Strawpoll is cool. Never done that before. Thanks for the idea @Trim

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I strongly prefer Twitter. For all their downtime (which has been improving a lot lately), they have a fantastic community that Plurk will likely never match, an amazing API with tons of 3rd party apps to ease use and extend functionality, and a simplicity that is rare in big-name web apps these days.

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