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For non-shower gel users: what is your bath bar soap of choice?

Asked by Aster (19949points) September 29th, 2014

I feel super clean after any shower with Zest. How about you? Is Irish Spring too strong of a scent?

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I don’t use commercial soaps with chemical fragrances. I’ll use a non carcinogenic soap with natural scent in it, but I am not particular as to brand name.

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A quick Fluther search will point you to lots of previous comments on this popular topic. In fact, it’s how I discovered the soap I now use—Dove Sensitive Skin. Like so many other topics on this site, soap preference is quite varied.

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Dove for me. Other soaps leave me feeling like I’ve got a layer of wax on my skin.

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I used to use Dove then found it left a heavy film on my shower. It also didn’t last long at all. I did like the scent, though.

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Usually it is called “whatever is on sale” but my favorite one was a handmade soap made with Shiner Beer, although the Glacial Silt soap called Trailblazer was pretty good too.

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When I worked at a wildlife facility, we had some gentlemen who would deliver chicken carcasses from the local Perdue plant (an entire truck bed). They kept a bucket in the back of their truck, and would toss in random bits of fat and skin that plopped out here and there. The bucket would ride around summer and winter, and would disappear every 1–2 weeks. I finally asked them what happened to the noxious, smelly mess and they told me it was sold for makeup and soap making.

Since that time, I have not used common commercial soaps. The idea of rubbing rotten animal fat over my body does not appeal. So I use soaps with plant based fats.

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The cheapest one from the supermarket.

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@syz so you think that all bars of regular soap you’d see in all your local stores would have dead animal fat in them?

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Dr. Bronner’s.

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“Irish Spring” contains sodium tallowate, from animal fat. Ingredients

I find its overpowering. I use French hard-milled soap from the healthfood store.

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The only soap I use is from Rocky Mountain Soap Company. It is delightful, both in scent and texture. I hate most big commercial soaps (e.g., Zest) because they are too filmy.

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@Aster Rotten fat is cheap, so most if not all use it.

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I use Dial. My husband prefers Ivory. To me, though, Ivory just leaves me feeling slimy and not clean.

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I am into scents, so I use unusual stuff, not usually commercial brands. There’s a ginger one from Eartherapy that’s really nice. There’s a woodsy smelling one from a Thai company called Thann. Someone gave me a nice mint gel (yes, I know this question is concerning bar soap) from a company called C.O. Bigelow. Sometimes I find unusual soaps in Costco (around the holidays), TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods. I can’t resist. I guess the most common commercial brand that I like consistently is Yardley English Lavender.

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Ivory soap. According to the adverts 99 44/100% pure.

I use it because it doesn’t have the perfumey scents of so many others.

And, yes, for me personally, Irish Spring is way way too much. Overpowering and obnoxious (to me.)

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Oops. I meant Dove. Rick uses Dove. Slimy.

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Caustic soda and a wire brush for scrubbing.

Just kidding. I use Dove.

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Dove unscented for sensitive skin. Anything scented on my ladyparts is almost certain to give me a yeast infection or irritation of some sort.

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We use the Dove Sensitive soft soap and the bars; although we are currently trying the Toms of Maine bars, because even the Dove Sensitive is irritating to my genital area. However, the Toms does have that waxy feel, so once this bar is gone, I’ve got a Kiss My Face bar waiting in the wings.

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Ivory. It isn’t smelly. It’s cheap. All that matters to me.

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I love anything with lavender in it. I’m going to be one of those old ladies who stink of lavender.Oddly I have found with age, a lot of soaps irritate my skin. (I have felt and experienced loads of odd things since I got old). So I stick to non scented soaps and due to LS use a special soap for my genital area, which is heaven. It is soothing non irritating and has no smell or added perfumes at all.

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Anyone know of any good musk scents?

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