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What animal would you like to be?

Asked by Here2_4 (7142points) September 29th, 2014

I’m thinking nobody will say walrus. Without all the metamorphic drama, if you could choose to be some living creature other than human, what would you choose, and why?
Is there any creature you would positively not want to be? (Body parts of famous people don’t count. Groceries don’t count. Only whole, living creatures.)

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Laughs, I positively would not want to be a bat. I would like to be a dragon. Are mythical animals allowed?

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Something at the top of the food chain. Maybe a golden eagle.

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@Adirondackwannabe – Consider this, bats are the one thing that can be pretty sure of not being in danger of being bitten by a bat. (Except during mating, a little maybe.)

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Beaver, i’m really into them.

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A rabbit! I just love them! :)

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Basset Hound
If you met me, you’d see it’s not much of a stretch.

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Here is how the question has changed for me down through the years. When I was very little, I wanted to be a cat, because they had claws, and cool whiskers, and could purr. You can’t beat that. Following that, I wanted to be a horse. They are beautiful, and fast, and have such freedom. Thinking about that now, I know I could never be a horse. They spend most of their time with their heads down. There is several hours of chewing each day. There is lots of gas passing. People want to be on your back a lot. It seems too much like working in an office cubicle.
For a little while, I wanted to be a skunk, because nothing would pick on me. I think I put that to the test for a little while during my teens. It was lonely.
As a pre teen, I got a little more sophisticated. I wanted to be a dolphin. Now that idea rocked. I had heard of music with whale sounds in it, and marine mammals were suddenly of great interest. Hating water in my nose, and thinking of playing where I poop soon changed my mind from that.
Elephant seemed cool for a while. I forget how old I was. They are smart, tough, and led by females. Three years to have a baby cooled me off of that one.
Black panther, puma, firefly, butterfly, owl, many things were interesting over the years.
Somewhere I grew up, and I didn’t think about those things any more.
Along came my kids, and it became a fun, harmless topic we could talk about. I started thinking those silly things again.
Otters seemed to have a pretty interesting life. They play a lot, and swim. I would rather not beat rocks on my stomach, but maybe if I were an otter, it wouldn’t bother me.
I thought purple martins have a pretty cool life. The females get courted by a very proud male which has built a lovely home all by himself, and painted it pretty with berry juice. How could you pass up a guy like that? In my spare time, I would get to fly.
Flight seems like freedom, and it is great exercise, so I think I would enjoy being a bird of some sort. There are many to choose from, and I guess purple martins aren’t the only one’s with a male building a fabulous home and strutting proudly while potential mates look it over. Some birds mate for life, and that would be comforting to live with. There are some very fancy birds. It might be fun to have a mate that is prettier than me. Birds of paradise seem very interesting. Here are some nice examples. There is dancing, beauty, and flight. I think I would like to be a bird. If not a bird of paradise, then something similar, with dancing, and beauty, and nice weather, and flight. Or, a bird that can talk, so I could still express myself.
Sometimes daydreaming is a nice, peaceful escape. Now I have to get back to work.

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Only one? I’d like to be able to shape shift into anything.

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politician then?

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Years ago I chose Lion to be my animal spirit but nowadays I feel more like a rabbit in a burrow.

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A lazy, well-fed indoor-outdoor domesticated shorthair feline, whose owner is not batshit crazy and doesn’t put clothes on me or throw kitty birthday parties.

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An ant. I really want to see what those colonies look like on the inside.

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An eagle. The eagle suits me the most.

Or maybe a more talkative one, like a parrot.

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A falcon.

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I see my cat asleep all day on the chair in my room and think to myself that being a cat and living with a person who looked after me with great kindness and care would be a more than agreeable life.

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I meant different than your current existence. being funny

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I have always wanted to fly, but I wanted to stay an animal then In second grade I discoverd this awesome new creation. A bat! Both mamal and able to fly. From that time on, I wanted to be a bat when I grew up. To make a long story short (though i probably already disregarded this) I want to be a bat.

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@Adagio… lovely! I totally concur, and so does my cat Sy.

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The species that invented brunch.

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@Pachy Sy, what a great name for a cat : ^)

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Thanks, @Adagio. He’s Siamese—I’m sure you already figured that out—and he grew up in a Jewish household. ;-)

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Something graceful that lives in water.

I wouldn’t want to be a spider. Poor little things are always being murdered by humans that are scared of them!

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@SecondHandStoke – See my wording, I stipulated other than human.

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