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Should there be mandatory counseling for a kid who kills and mutilates animals?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42483points) September 29th, 2014

At the apartments where my daughter lives, her kids caught 3 or 4 toads. She made them keep them in a shoebox outside until they let them go.
Another kid in the complex took the toads and cut their heads off, and left the bodies on the playground equipment.
The kids buried the toads, and the creeper dug them back up and did something else with them. I forget what.

We all know that many serial killers also killed and mutilated animals when they were kids. Shouldn’t the SRS or someone get involved when a child does this?

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I doubt anything will happen, but I would contact Child Protective Services. Personally, I would also ask to meet with the parents of the kid so he at least knows someone is watching him, but it depends on her comfort level. If he’s in school, she can contact the school counselor wither concerns.

According to this site, you should “Report suspected animal cruelty to the humane investigator at your local animal welfare agency. If no such organization exists, report the incident to the police department.”

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The kid is destructive overall. The parent just makes excuses for his behavior.

I sent a fb message to a friend who works for CPS, but haven’t heard back.

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It depends. If the kid is just curious or if he is at the “hunting age” then it may not be a worry. If he is real young or shows aggression to fellow kids then there is likely a problem.

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That is a good point @ARE_you_kidding_me, but in this specific case indicates some pretty serious disturbance, IMO.
The same kid wh ocut the heads off the toads and put the headless bodies on the play ground equipment where other kids were sure to find them, has also kicked down the fence that surrounds the dumpster. The other day my daughter caught him trying to bend the signs that designate who the parking spaces are reserved for.

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Yes. Animal abusers have no conscience and will not hesitate to harm people.

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vandalism mixed with the toads sounds like the kid is either disturbed or suffering from abuse. Young boys are curious about animals and sometimes can be mean to them but this sounds different. Likely not a future serial killer but probably some issues that need attention.

If the kid is also being mean to larger pets that’s a red flag.

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I can say that for the parents who discover that their child has performed such acts, think of the amout of children who’s parents have no clue what so ever what’s going on with them both mentally and physically.

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Could just be that noone has bothered to tell him this is wrong. When I was about 5 my friends and I took turns dropping this kitten from about 5 feet up to see it land on its feet. We sat on a fence. Mom came out and “caught” us, told us it was wrong and that it could hurt the kitty. I had no idea it was the wrong thing to do.

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YEs it’s something to watch, and teach the kids it’s not cool. Maybe it’s a cry for help rather than pyschosis.

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The parents don’t care.

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”...he is at the “hunting age”
”...[cutting] their heads off, and [leaving] the bodies on the playground equipment.”??
OIC. He’s just too young to afford a taxidermist?

“Could just be that noone has bothered to tell him this is wrong.”, @Dutchess_III”???
What, he’s never been cut himself? Never bled? Never experienced the panic around him if he is hurt?

It’s called empathy, or lack thereof.

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I don’t think @ARE_you_kidding_me was referring to the kid in my details. I thought so too at first, but then I had another think.

When I said “Could just be that noone has bothered to tell him this is wrong” I was thinking back to the discipline thread, and how kids don’t raise themselves in a void. They develop some sort of values from their parents. Of course, this is more than just “wrong.” It’s hideous.

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Sounds like conduct disorder. The kid probably should seek counseling.

HOWEVER, it could be the case that he is neglected, that his parents failed to nurture when he was young making him grow to think that he has to fend for himself and that crying, asking/begging for help is useless. It is very frustrating for the child and it is not uncommon for the child to vent their frustrations in a cruel manner upon small animals. (Consistent failure of the parents to nurture the child in a healthy manner can lead to the development of conduct disorder – the child equivalent of anti-social personality disorder as one cannot be diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder until the age of 18)
The child still should have counseling, but it is still possible for the child to develop into a mentally healthy adult without counseling.

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Trouble is, the kid is too young to seek counseling for himself, and the parents don’t see anything wrong. That’s why I asked if he is reported, should it be mandatory?

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Animal mutilation is one of the biggest signs of a budding sociopath. Toads today coeds tomorrow. There is no cure for little Ted Bundys, probably should just gas the little serial killer in training. Tell it like it is. lol

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“From toads to coeds.” Could be a movie title in 20 years.

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Unless the parents want their kid to be the next Dahmer, they should seek help immediately.

although….. It has been awhile since we’ve had a major serial killer.

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They should, but they don’t. Which is my question.

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In an ideal world when antisocial behavior begins, parents rush off to get their child help if possible and change the world into a better place. Unfortunately they don’t. The reasons could be many, they could have issues themselves (including the same disorder).

I’d report it to the correct body, if you feel so inclined.Personally I find the behavior alarming. You could also call Welfare? ask them how they think this should be dealt with? Since, caught young many people are helped to live a constructive life. Many sociopaths and ASPDs go on to be great lawyers and Doctors too.

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Of course they need counseling!!! A lot of serial killer start off with torturing and mutilating animals. They don’t care about an innocent creature’s feelings. That’s horrible, that’s animal abuse, and it should not be tolerated!!! They need some serious help!!!

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The question wasn’t “should they get counseling.” The question was should it be mandatory. Like, if it’s reported to child protective services, they’d come in and investigate and get a court order for the kid to get counseling. As in, parents could go to jail if they didn’t get the counseling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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