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Has it become dangerous for a female real estate agent to show a man a house ?

Asked by Aster (19949points) September 30th, 2014

A man is in jail on one million dollars bail for allegedly murdering a woman who showed him a house for sale near Little Rock. They found her body in a shallow grave; he has pled not guilty.
Do you think it’s more risky for a woman to show homes to a man by herself than previously and why?

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One murder does not a trend make. If you want to run your life on fear you can but it’s a lousy way to live.

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I think it’s was too early to draw any generalities from this story.

Has it become dangerous for a man to deliver pizza?

Another solitary job that would creep me out.

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I’m not sold on the theory at all.

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@janbb has it right. One incident does not make a rule.

But some folks will go all kinds of crazy on this, and we’ll end up with stupid rules and regulations as an overreaction.

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Is it dangerous for a white real estate agent to show a black man a house?

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How silly, people will be saying its not safe for a child to enter a priest’s holy place next…no, wait!

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There was a well-publicised case in the UK in 1986 – the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh . This is not a new thing.

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I read an article on tis. He’s crazy. He says he did it because she was a female and alone. And a rich broker.

I think in this particular case it’s not motivated by the same things that make men get sexually aggressive (although I haven’t heard if she was molested or not) with virtually all women. In this case he’s just insane.

I’ve always thought real estate could be risky, especially for women.

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Oh, I’m glad to know that women can’t kill men, at least…

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^^ You should sample the wife’s cooking :(

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A man is going to have a better chance of fighting a woman off and escaping, @CWOTUS.

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Yes…oh, if only we could go back to the ages of decency. ~

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It’s always been this way, @longgone.

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^ Observe the tilde!

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There are enough scrawny men out there that could be vanquished by a little girl.

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I don’t think it has changed. There has always been a risk that something could happen.

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Does the tilde mean sarcasm?

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…so, yes! ;)

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Ignoring the specific situation, there is always some risk involved when you go to a secluded space alone with a stranger. This is nothing new and doesn’t surprise me.

The risk is there and worth noting. Would I choose to live my life in such a way that the small risk significantly sways my actions? No, not me, personally.

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Notice how beautiful she was. I think beautiful woman have a higher risk of this kind of crap happening.

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Gosh, before you know it, being a hooker might become dangerous, too. Oh, wait…

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Being a hooker isn’t dangerous . It’s all about the screening and management. I think this beautiful real estate lady was in the wrong place at the wrong time, which is really sad.

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She was, but she wasn’t. She was just doing her job.

Yes @CWOTUS. Being a hooker is very dangerous. Always has been. But there is a bit of a difference between a hooker and a real estate agent. Guess I’m not sure what your point is.

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