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Is it safe to mix Pine Sol and Javex?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) September 30th, 2014

The janitor does this to mop the floors and it hurts my eyes. I confronted her and she said that she needs something strong to clean the floors with.

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These should not be mixed. The MSDS for Pine Sol says it should not be mixed with bleach-containing products. I had to look Javex up, but found that it is bleach (basically Clorox). Mixing these together can cause harmful chlorine gas which can irritate the eyes and more.

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Probably best to let the janitor clean with you in another room with open windows. There would be a lot of fumes, from both the Javax and the Pine Sol. Pine Sol is phenol based (Turpentine)

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@talljasperman Please contact the people who pay this lady to clean, and explain what you’ve found out- that mixing bleach and Pine Sol is toxic, and should not be done. If they don’t listen, you can point them to the MSDS sheet and explain. I’m also guessing it’s an OSHA violation, which should get their attention.

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@talljasperman Oops, I forgot you’re in Canada, but I bet they have a similar organization to OSHA, and similar safety standards.

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