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Just how vividly do you remember your dreams?

Asked by Araphel (1675points) September 30th, 2014

Do you recall your dreams in a cascade of magnificent colors or was it all just a blur?

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More often than not, quite clearly, especially the really complicated ones that I’ve nicknamed “Saga Dreams.” And I write many of them down in order to analyze them.

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I often have very vibrant dreams and I remember them quite clearly. Not every night but it’s not unusual. I love dreaming. It’s such fun. My brain comes up with some seriously wacky stuff.

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I have most every kind of dream. All are in color. Some last all night, and leave me feeling exhausted. Some are like a commercial, lots of quick flashes put together to convey a subject. Some are vague, and difficult to remember by the time I wake. I have had repeater dreams, which still come back sometimes for a visit. I have had a number of sequel dreams, with up to more than a year between parts. I’ve had dreams which brought repressed memory to surface.

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I give up. Mien are too weird.

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Depends on the dreams. The kind of dreams I remember the most is the one which involves thrilling situations, like me becoming a detective and solving crime. I usually recall those dreams in full details: how everything happens, how I become a hero (or a villain), what I do and encounter. I remember all of them in colors and shapes. I love those dreams and would like to dream again and again, but too bad they don’t appear often, and I usually don’t have much time to see the endings.

I still remember one dream in which I’m a hardboiled detective trying to uncover my “mom’s” dirty secret (she’s not my real mom, she’s just an old woman who claims to be my mom) with my two partners: a big fat man and a Chinese-looking man. The part I remember the most is the very last part of my dream: somehow I predicted that “mom” was going to be killed and I asked my two partners to guard her house, and I met up with the bad guys somewhere. There was a big fight. And although I won, I was badly injured and had to retreat. When I came back, the Chinese man ran toward me with a frightening look. I got inside and saw the fat man knocked unconscious and “mom” in a pool of blood. In the last scene, I held “mom” in my arm and swore revenge, while the fat man gave me and apologetic look and the Chinese man whispered some kind of prayer. The dream is still very clear to me, all the colors and details, as if it came from a movie and not a dream.

I only remember other kinds of dreams vaguely. There are even some dreams that I completely forget.

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I do not usually remember my dreams, only how they make/made me feel.

That being said, I was disturbed late last week when I was remembering something that seemed real as I thought about it when I was suddenly hit with the realization that what I was recalling was actually a dream, not my perceived reality. And, it was not a recent dream but one I had several years ago.

Now, I asked myself, “Self, how do you know this is a dream? You don’t remember your dreams much beyond waking”. I was unable to answer the question but am convinced that it was but it was intense enough to have been a real event.

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I have had very bright and colourful dreams that have remained in my memory for years but latterly all my dreams have been dark, I don’t mean sinister or unpleasant just badly lit. I only seem to dream of night time scenes and last night my dream featured a torch that didn’t work properly and I tried to cast its feeble beam upon some unreflective surface. I can’t think of any reason for this.

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I remember a dream about once every two months or so, sometimes longer.

I had a weird one just a couple weeks ago, still freaky to me. In color, the color was especially clear to me, although they were muted,not vibrant.

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I remember my dreams about 4 or 5 times during the week. They are usually very cogent stories; almost like movies. Many of them are directly related to events in my life. In recent years, I have had numerous dreams about my family when it was intact and still dream about my Ex – even though I consider myself over him.

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LAtely they’ve been very realistic & I even woke up mad a few times. I tell hubs in the morning & he laughs at me.

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I had the strangest dream this morning. It won’t leave me alone.

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Although experts say people have multiple dreams per night, most of the time I don’t remember any. I’m not sure if that is a lack of occurrence or retention though. On average I have a dream I can remember once every 3–4 months, and even then they are vague and the memory fades within an hour or so of waking.

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Very vivid, sweets. I visited you last night…

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I wouldn’t call them dreams. When I sleep, I visit another realm.

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