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What is your favorite new artist/album?

Asked by eliozabeth (10points) July 9th, 2008

I am really liking Estelle right now- Shine

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flobots for sure

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My best trait is probably when I ride my bike with no handlebars

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Explosions in the Sky never get old..but I have I kissed a girl and I liked it stuck in my head…

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Band of Horses is pretty cool-not a new band, but new to me at least; also on the pop-y side-The Ting Tings and Santogold pretty cool…

@Breefield-ditto on Explosions-awesome band (Hrsta too?)...the new Sigur Ros is pretty amazing as well.

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At the moment I’m kinda stuck on Scouting for Girls and Alphabeat – I’m sure I’ll be back to my retro-and-emo-rock soon enough.

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The Flotbots get another vote from me. I discovered them when I heard No Handlebars on the radio in early June… great song! I wish I lived near CO, on their website it looks like they’re preparing for a video shoot and are inviting all of their fans to be in it.

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Forever the sickest kids. They’re ep, telivision off, party on, is amazing. They also kick ass live.

@sndfreQ- Band of horses and the ting tings are awesome!

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The New Frontiers-Mending, its been out for a few months, but it is a beautiful album.

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I’m loving Bon Iver at the moment. His band broke up so he went to live in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere during winter and came up with a solo album without even meaning to. It’s beautiful.

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@mcbealer ya it is cool to live where a band is from. A I had about ten friends that went to the video shooting. Really cool stuff.

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I love Bon Iver too, think it’s a great album.
I just downloaded and have fallen very fast in love with MGMT’s Ocular Spectacular, it’s fantastic. It’s almost like a grown up, non silly version of scissor sisters.

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Haha, Flotbots?

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flobots FTW

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Flobots is fucking awesome. Thank you willbrawn for introducing me to them. Is that Shana Halligan singing on some of the tracks?

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I’m having a hard time finding new artists that I like…I may just look the ones mentioned above up. I’m always open to suggestions.

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