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Did you know that today is National farm Animal Day?

Asked by Coloma (47105points) October 2nd, 2014

Do any of you keep farm animals for pets, or have you in the past? Share your farm animal stories with us tonight.

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Coincidentally, being National farm animal day we had a new calf born this morning at the ranch here. Precious little heifer calf, all black with a white star and snip. Part of the happy cow herd here that will never be butchered, only used to train our competitive cutting horses for show competitions. Happy lives lounging around the pastures and being subjected to the horses herding them a couple times a week.

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I used to have 2 completely crazy, neutered, Saanen goats, Skipper and Friska, mad as hatters both of them, but extremely good-natured.

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@Adagio Awww…..Love the names. The neighbors have goats, they maaaaaa all day long. haha All of our animals are non-farm animals, including the non-ranch dog that masquerades as big and tough but would lick anyone to death. lol

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A random chicken adopted us during the summer. She was young, wandered into our yard, and then never went away. Now we have a coop and two more chickens to keep her company. We don’t live in a rural area, but a lot of Portlanders have chickens, so I guess it’s not too strange. Looking forward to free eggs when they finally start laying! :)

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you need a rooster

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Not for them to lay

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Good link!

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Reminds me of the scene in Woody Allen’s Everything You Wanted to Know about Sex film where the psychiatrist (Gene Wilder) is in lust with a sheep.

watch the clip

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Today is the German Reunification Day

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Delicious farm animals. We have goat cubes thawing for curry, and we made corned beef tongue last weekend. We buy our meats from local farmers who post lovely photos and videos of their happy animals on social media.

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Baaaaa, humbug!

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Are you sure it isn’t National Animal Farm day? That would something completely different.

All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others

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