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Do you know what breed is this dog?

Asked by dina_didi (1276points) October 3rd, 2014

The dog in the 1st picture is cute! Do you know what breed it is?

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Looks exactly like my mini Labradoodle when she was 8 weeks old (she’s 6 months old now).

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Thank you very much @hominid! It is adorable! Could you tell me some information about her behaviour and how much care she needs? I would like to have a dog like that!

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won’t load for me and I love cute puppy pictures.

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I highly recommend that you read up on them thoroughly to make sure they are a good fit for your lifestyle. Our pup is a mini, which means she’ll only get to be 25lbs (max), but there are Labradoodles that can be 60lbs. Their coats vary a ton, and you’ll need to consider that if you are allergic to dogs. Overall, our pup is very smart, great with kids (she lives with 3 of them, who smother her), hardly barks, and is very affectionate. We’re very active, and our schedules are such that she is hardly alone. She goes everywhere with us, and loves the trails. Also, I do not experience any allergic symptoms from her, which was the goal. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.

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@hominid I am thinking of having a dog like that in the future but I am concerned about my allergies… I am alergic to cats, so I am going to think about it before having a dog. You are right, I don’t want to do anything irresponsible and then having to give away my puppy…

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Dog and cat allergens are different. You may be allergic only to cats, like me.

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@dina_didi Yes. Adorable.

Labradoodles and mini-labradoodles are very popular designer dogs now so you will pay a premium for them. As @hominid said, the coats vary but it is my understanding that most are hypo-allergenic.

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@RocketGuy nice to know that! Thanks! I am going to have a blood test to see if I can have a dog! I hope I am not…
@janbb hypo-allergenic? If it’s true that’s great!

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It’s might be a poodle. It might be a doodle (lab, golden, whatever). But there’s likely no such thing as a low-allergy or allergy-free dog. Poodles are referenced as such because they shed much less than other breeds, not because there’s something inherent in them that makes them hypoallergenic. And keep in mind when you’re looking at these $1500 dogs that they are a mutt, a mixed breed. You’d be much better served to adopt a healthy animal from the shelter and keep it clean and groomed.

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@syz I am going to do some research before having a dog because I would like to find a healthy dog to suit my lifestyle. Maybe one of these days I am going to visit a shelter or one pet shop and find out more about each breed. I am thinking of adopting a puppy instead of buying one but I am not sure yet.

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There are many purebred or breed-specific dogs which are placed in shelters.

There are also rescue groups for particular breeds who try to pull them from shelters before they are euthanized because their time ran out.

People with a group like that (or a reputable breeder) would be a far better source of accurate info rather than a pet store clerk.

Plus pet stores generally get their animals from puppy mills. That’s not something you want go be supporting with your dollars. A lot of them raise these dogs in truly wretched conditions. Do a little Googling on puppy mills and prepare to be saddened and horrified.

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That was really disturbing @Buttonstc… No, I am not buying a puppy! Especially not after what I saw… Buying an animal is not right because we shouldn’t treat animals like they are products, but this is cruel. I was thinking of getting my dog from a pet shop that gives newborn puppies for free when their owners can’t keep them.

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Labradoodle pups sure looks like it.

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The type of pet shop which you are describing is available in a few cities and UNLIKE most pet shops, it’s generally a non-profit endeavor (even tho they do charge an adoption fee).

And guess who is behind that concept. Yup. It’s a local shelter/rescue group/humane society and I think it’s a terrific concept.

The more forward thinking animal rescue organizations have realized that if they put their most adoptable animals in a comfortable retail-type space they increase their adoption rates. Some people don’t go to shelters for various reasons, so this gives the shelter another outreach possibility.

Plus, these places are usually open during standard retail hours (including nighttime) so it’s a lot easier for working folks to drop in after work or on their lunch hours. Regular shelter hours usually aren’t as flexible.

So it’s a win-win situation all around.

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Many of the pure bred dogs that end up in shelters or rescue sites were raised in puppy mills so they can have multiple problems too. I haven’t figured out yet the best way to choose a dog.

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