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Do you recommend the an iPhone or Blackberry Curve for a web-developer/marketeer?

Asked by _sash (2points) July 9th, 2008

I do a bit of marketing from the road on my sms enabled phone. I’ll hack anything So being able to write progs for the iphone is cool but most web-based apps have flash which dont show on the iphone. Big upset. Im torn. Help.

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You should check out as they are developing a client for the iPhone that does CRM and other sales-based features, as well as tying in to the a server end system (if your into that kind of thing). Their solutions are highly scalable from single “freelancer” to enterprise-scale solutions; I know this because my brother is in sales (educational) and is planning on implementing this for his business.

If you wish to look into a live demo, check out the link from this post, (I believe it’s from the WWDC keynote):

go to 48:45 in the video (you need QuickTime to view)...Pretty cool IMO…

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I’ve had an iPhone 3G for a few months now. I had a Treo before.


The full qwerty button keyboards on Treos and Blackberries are nice and fast. The virtual on-screen keyboard on the iPhone is really uber slow to type on. If you’re a mobile blogger, this is probably a show-stopper.

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I’ve had both in the last 6 months. My curve got fried by water. Switched to the iPhone and now I don’t know how I lived without it. The small keyboard sucks-but the new OS 3.0 is going to have the landscape keyboard on more apps this summer.

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