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1998 vw jetta fog lights problem?

Asked by JasonH (107points) July 9th, 2008

Witch Relay runs these damn fog lights? the fuse is fine, the wiring harness is perfect checked everything and still no luck, also the bulbs i replaced them. still no luck someone also told me it might be the headlight switch itself also some one said too concedering u have to have the high beams on for the fog lights to work ” they do that in europ cause the headlights are yellowish” well im in amerika and my bulbs r 12K hid xenon “Green” bulbs. anyways never mind the highbeam thing i think its a relay problem and i noticed i am missing 8 relays but 2 of them run a REAR windshield wiper my car doesnt have that so thats not emportant, im soo fustrated :(( and its been foggy out lately dammit. if any one can help that would beee sooo totaly awesome! p.s a picture of the relay would be nice ,going to gank a relay from the VW scrap yard. only $5 bucks a relay and they work tested before u buy, so awesome! auto zone wants $27.99 out of my range. lol

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I dont know if this is what your looking for but it might help

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thanks actully it does. help :)

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