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If I purchase something online with my PayPal tonight when will it charge my bank?

Asked by pleiades (6597points) October 4th, 2014

Say I purchased an item online tonight, when would the charge actually through with my bank. I’m not using PayPal funds but using my bank instead.

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Assume it will be immediately and don’t play the float game.

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If you have it set up to go to your bank, it would set up an advice-of-charge immediately, and the bank would allocate/designate that amount and send it to Pay Pal within a couple of minutes.

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@elbanditoroso That’s what’s interesting. It used to have a delay of 3–4 days. But the other day I did it, it seemed instant. But it took a while for it to actually come out of my bank statement

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I’ve had purchases not show up in my account for up to 7 days. The delay between PayPal and Banks is the only issue I’ve ever had with PayPal as a seller and a buyer.

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