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Do you think freckles are attractive?

Asked by ava (977points) July 9th, 2008
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Freckles across the nose are pretty darn cute. =)

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Cute on kids, but otherwise, no.

and yea I get quite a few when I’m in the sun too – one of the less fortunate effects of it

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I like them. But I like girls that are pale. Tan = Turnoff

I like naturally dark skin too. Tans are icky.

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I agree with Allie, on the nose is cute. @jp: fake tans are turn-offs? Or tans in general?

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All tans.

I do like women that are (for a lack of a better word) ethnic.

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Oh… Because I really can’t help I have a tan. Haha, just curious as to what you meant.

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If you try to get a a tan it is turn-off. That might have more to do with vanity more than skin color. I’m not a fan of make-up either.

edit :: nature tends to make beautiful things. No need to alter them.

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I have them, so I have to say yes. I used to hate them, and I wanted freckle juice, but now they are just a part of me. I think they keep me looking young.

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@tinyfaery what kind of kitty is that in your pic? Sooooooooo cute!!!!!!

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@ava I got it from here. Its called Kitteh Puddle. I’m sure if you search the site you can find it.

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I think freckles are pretty hot.

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As long as you aren’t covered in freckles, I think it is cute but if you take off your shirt and your shoulders look like a leopard… dear god get a bucket. Ok, so I sound like an @$$ but you asked.

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I adore freckles.

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Freckles are very hot. Particularly on Redheads.

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Depends on who’s wearing them.

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I am not much for freckles, because I have them. Flower of the Celtic north that I am, they come out when I am exposed to sun. I never had them as much until I moved to Florida, but since the choice is not have them or never be outside, I vote for freckles.

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As a child my grandfather told me that freckles were marks of beauty. The more freckles you had the more beautiful you were. He did specify that some freckles represented the inner beauty that people couldn’t see, so if you had a LOT of freckles you were both conventionally pretty and a beautiful soul.

As a result, I stopped hating my freckles, of which my Irish heritage gave me PLENTY, when I was about six.

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KimberlyLD: Your grandfather sounds a lot nicer than my grandpa. I had freckles on my nose when I was little (not so much now) and he used to tell me flies shit on my nose. Haha. I know he was teasing me so I didn’t take what he said to heart. He used to tell my mom the same thing when she was a kid. He’s a goof and a jokester – it’s hard to take him seriously when he says something like that then laughs his slow, Southern chuckle. =)
You need a good sense of humor to be in my family. We all tease each other a lot!

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No fake and bake for JP!

I have fair skin and don’t like tanning myself. Fair skin usually tends to get sun freckles, so I can’t help that. I do protect my skin. Don’t forget the SPF people!!!!

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I like freckles. Freckled women are pretty. Freckled guys are freckled.

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I hated my freckles when I was a kid but I like them now.

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ha, i have freckles but im naturally tan. and i particularly dont like them but guys say thier cute.. so idk:) ha.

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well, i do hav freckles but yet again i am a kid and i will probably grow up 2 like them….......but now some of my friends call me freckle face and other friends think they r cute and tht i look cute in them….... sooooooooo i never really liked them and i think i would look better without or with less but mine are pretty light. my friends tell me to ignore bad comments, but yet again they r hard to ignore…..but i live with them and i dont really care cuz guys say they r cute and they really dont care bout them and people say they like what’s inside and my personality…... it hink they r pretty cute but it depends on who they’re on. :)

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i think* srry lol

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