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Car tipping replacing Cow tipping?

Asked by majorrich (14711points) October 5th, 2014

My son tells me a big prank on Campus is tipping or repositioning those tiny Smart for Two cars. I Googled it and found some posts of it in cities, but no mention of it being pervasive. Are these cars being abused on College campus’ and it’s not being reported? Because I’ve not seen it in person has anyone out in Flutherland abused or seen the abuse of these little cars?

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Back in the late ‘70s, our family was the first in the neighborhood to get a small Japanese car – it was the smallest, too – a Honda Civic Hatchback. The neighborhood kids tipped it, so it’s not new.

Repositioning might be amusing, as long as the owner can safely remove it from where it is; but tipping it or placing it where it is unsafe yo get it out is malicious and disrespectful. I haven’t heard of it happening, though. I live close to a large college campus and a friend had a a Smart Car when they first came out.

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Repositioning cars goes way back. Used to happen to VWs in the 60s. But tipping one over is pretty vicious, it will ruin the body work.

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As the case above suggests, these episodes smack strongly of drunken fraternity pranks.

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Do these jackasses pay for the broken door handles? Do they leave money to pay for the snapped off side mirrors? Do they pay for the door repairs and fender repainting?

That stunt can easily end up doing much more than $1500 of property damage – a Class D felony in my state! (Causing over $250 damage is a Class E felony.)

Ladies! Do the world a favor and do not date or mate with jackasses who do this! Please!

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