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Is there a textbook that fits this description?

Asked by snowberry (24714points) October 6th, 2014

My daughter lives in Japan and teaches English to high school kids there. She has a class of students who learned English outside of the country. She says that some of them speak English better than she does!

So far she’s been creating the curriculum as needed, but I’d like to find a textbook to help her. She needs a textbook with excerpts of literature or short stories from (mostly) well known authors that are 1600 words long, more or less. She was also given the task of exploring American life and culture (modern and/or historical). She can’t have dialects in her text, but anything from modern literature to biographies to historical narratives are fine. Even a news or magazine article is fine. She doesn’t want poetry at this time.

We can’t find a textbook that meets this description. So far I’ve managed to find a few passages in books I have around the house that I’m going to copy and send to her, but that’s a lot of work, and I’d rather not break copyright laws.

So please, what’s out there? Fluther friends to the rescue!

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Take a look at the Norton Anthology of English Literature. I’m not sure if all the pieces will be fit her length criterion but a number should work.

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@snowberry Did you find a book? I may have one that has a bit more info, but it fits everything well. An Incomplete Education, by Judy Jones and William Wilson. Ballantine Books, 1987. Yes it’s older but it might be worth a shot. Give me a shout if you want more info. Here’s the contents:
1 American Studies
2 Art History
3 Economics
4 Film
5 Literature
6 Music
7 Philosophy
8 Political Science
9 Psychology
10 Religion
11 Science
12 World History

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@Adirondackwannabe I’m unclear about exactly what my daughter wants. But I’ll pass on this information to her. Thanks!

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