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There is one of the stupid complaints about the flag going around on Facebook, and I was wondering if you can help me find some answers?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42453points) October 7th, 2014

From this article.

First, why would it be illegal to fly the Gadsden flag?

Second, is there really a federal code that prohibits any flag flying higher than the American flag? When I googled the city ordinance section 110–131 it only came up with one viable hit, and that pertained to signs in a town in Florida. The other links were all tea party outrages.

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Why the hell are you frequenting such an idiotic site?

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Most flag rules are more about respect and etiquette. Generally they are not enforceable by law even if on the books.

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facebook is pretty much ground zero for links to idiotic sites and non-facts

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Don’t get riled up about anything stupid like this.

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The American Legion says this “No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America.” Source

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I’m not riled up.

Thanks @flutherother and @ARE_you_kidding_me.

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In this case they’re being stupid. I don’t think they are intentionally flying the Mexican flag higher than the American flag.

I still don’t understand why they’d object to the Gadsden flag.

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You really shouldn’t refer to something as ‘stupid’ when you don’t have a full understanding yourself.

Not the flag shit specifically, just anything in general.

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I call it “stupid” because so far every instance “flag banning” has a perfectly logical reason behind it, which people don’t bother to check out. They just share it and scream. That’s stupid to me.
Making a big deal out of the fact that the Mexican flag looks to be a bit taller than the American flag is dumb. One of the American flag poles is bent, and i think the other is an illusion caused by the angle.

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i call it stupid because it is just a goddamned flag. a worthless piece of cloth

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About as much as the constitution is just a goddamned sheet of paper

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Why anyone thinks @Dutchess_III asking this question is trolling or that she is riled up is beyond me.

There has been controversy over flags before, I don’t know about this one specifically. South Carolina had that big to do not many years ago about the confederate flag flying at the state capitol building. I mean really, I remember finding it shocking any state actually flies that flag at a government building. It’s wierd enough that some of the confederate states have a mini version of a confederate flag within the state flag.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there are rules for government buildings regarding what flag can be flown higher than another. I don’t know if the US has a law at the federal level. For private businesses it seems odd to me there might be some sort of specific law about it, but at the same time it wouldn’t surprise me if someone got a law passed to make sure those foreigners don’t fly their flag high.

it also would not surprise me that people would get worked up about a flag they perceive as being antiAmerican or offensive in some way. I’m pretty annoyed the confederate flag flies anywhere. I wouldn’t make a law to control private citizens regarding having it on their property, but government buildings, and even businesses open to the public it really bothers me.

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I meant to link this about flag ettiquette. We, in the USA, break the etiquette constanty and we are proud of some of those rules being broken. We buy paper pkates and napkins with our flag, we buy shirts and shorts with our flag. It seems the etiquette is evolving, and probably the laws evolve also.

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I remember how scandalous it was in the 60’s that the kids protesting often wore American flag clothing.

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@JLeslie There is a difference between between wearing or using an actual flag vs wearing or using something with the pattern or image of the flag.

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Is there a difference? What makes a flag officially a flag?

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Yeah there is. This discussion has come up before and what is generally the outcome is as far as flags are concerned it needs to be manufactured as an actual “flag.” One that you would string up an actual flagpole. Other novelty items like t-shirts are not “flags” in the proper sense. They may have the same colors or an image of a flag flying but were never intended to fly as a flag.

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