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Is there a house near your residence which you are wary of?

Asked by Araphel (1675points) October 7th, 2014

Is there something strange, odd about that one house that stands out from the rest? There’s a place near me called Devil’s House in Massapequa Ny. Google it. To me its more intriguing than frightening.

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There used to be a house in my area. There was only one resident in it, and he was seldom seen get out of the house. And whenever he was, he never talked to anyone. He just acted as if he was the only person in this world. At night he was always the first one to turn off all the lights. Nobody ever knew who he was. Then one day he suddenly disappeared, and the house was knocked down soon after that. It seemed that he ordered the house to be knocked down.

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@Mimishu1995 do you think he died or moved away?

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@ZEPHYRA maybe he died, maybe he just moved away, or maybe he is still here somewhere, watching us…

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Nah, there’s this block of flats that some say are haunted…a tall storey.

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There used to be an old abandoned farmstead on a really quiet road near me. When you drove up at night from the East your headlights played across the barn, and it looked like a woman in a white gown was moving inside of the barn. We all saw it, but it was just a trick of the lights. I think, we never went inside. That didn’t keep us from using the place as one of favorite places to have parties. Then there’s always the funhouse I work in. :)

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@Mimishu1995 Yikes, that IS creepy!

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There was a house I lived in as a child that I still dream aboumat. It’s always an unsettling dream. That house had bad energy. A lot of grief happened there. More then a lifetime of it. Though it never manifested in a tangible way it was always an omen and when I lived next door to it… we rented it out for some years….. I always kept my eye on it.

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