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What's a good phone?

Asked by joeysefika (3093points) July 10th, 2008

Before all of you start screaming iPhone at me in all sorts of different ways i really would love a jesus phone but all the aussie plans suck. So as i need a new phone what would be a good one that is not stupidly priced?

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If the woman inside you is screaming to be unleashed, go for the LG Shine. Even though it has received some pretty mixed reviews, and these guys hated it so much they did this to it…

And while still on the topic of LG, why not expose your creepy stalker side with their new phone, the LG ‘Secret’, which they are marketing via this viral video. Seriously, that ad is f*****d up!

On a slightly more serious note, I would recommend the Samsung A801 ($250), the Samsung A711($299) or maybe one the Sony Ericsson walkman ones, that are around 200 bucks or so.

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Well i do pride myself on my womanly features….

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I just purchased the nokia e71 as a replacement for the unlocked iphone I have had for a year. It’s pricey but looks like the best smartphone out there right now. My other suggestion is to get an unlocked iPhone 1st Gen and use it on vodafone with a pre-payed sim. I have done this in AUS in december and worked perfect. good luck with whichever you decide.

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I quite like the Nokia 6300. But apparently you can’t get it on Telstra in Dicksmith so I couldn’t make you a sweet offer.

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Here are some fancy doodads you can drool over. Or if you prefer, something a little more erm… edgy. And there’s always the ostentatious!

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Not sure what’s available in Australia. And I’m also not really sure what your budget is…

Here in the US we are trending more to phablets and I particularly love my LG V10. Besides being big enough for my clumsy fingers, the larger size allows for a bigger battery, which in turns means longer periods before charging.

The cameras are great, the sound is crystal clear, the few videos I’ve watched have been seamless. Primary storage is substantial. Probably worth looking into…

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