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Have you ever had a dream like this?

Asked by cheebdragon (18931points) October 9th, 2014 from iPhone

I know that dreams are all subconscious, but have you ever had a dream or multiple dreams that seemed more like a message?
For example, in the last month or so I’ve had several dreams that are all somewhat similar and leave me feeling like I need to see a doctor before it’s too late. I have gone to the doctor 2x recently and everything has been fine so far, but I keep having these dreams like they are just missing something.

Am I freaking myself out or should I keep looking for something they missed?

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I have dreamt of the nuclear apocalypse and subsequent alien invasion herding the remaining humans into camps

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It could be a mental or emotional issue that your body is flagging you about? How is you life right now?

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I have gone through the same thing myself, and it was during a time in my life when I lost two people that i was very close with.I would suggest you to take care of yourself, and nurish your body, I’m sure its easier said than done, but there’s only one you.Be sure to jot these dreams down then check back with your Dr. And continue to share your concerns. Good luck.

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Perhaps it is about something else you need to do before it is too late? Like perhaps you have been thinking of taking care of your health and not got around to it, so your mind is reminding you? I’ve had weird dreams that I can’t explain, I’m told they are ‘anxiety’ dreams. I suppose that means that when I am highly anxious my mind gets overloaded with thoughts that play out in my head when I am sleeping. I don’t put too much store on the notion that a dream will save your life or tell you something before it happens.

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I usually don’t believe in dreams, but there was this particular dream that found very wierd. That was some time after an exam of mine. One night I dreamed of my parents urging me to go see the results as they had already got it. I refused to see for fear of seeing bad results. The next day I woke up only to see my parents do exactly what they did in the dream.

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The dreams are causing you to freak out. It started with a strange dream that you took too seriously and now they are manifesting themselves because you are trying to think something foreshadowish into or out of them. Stop worrying! Dreams are your subconscious mind sorting out what it wants to remember, not it trying to, or being able to, predestine anything.

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Yes I have. How a dream makes one FEEL is far more significant than what it may MEAN. If your dreams are making you anxious, I suggest you see a doctor and relieve yourself of the worry. Chances are you’re physically fine, just carrying around some little subconscious demon that visits you in your dreams.

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Dreams occasionally stem from a personal experience, be it something read or viewed, a conversation, guilt, love, memories, worries, etc. These thoughts get played back during one’s dreams; often in a warped state.

Unless you have noticed a change in your body and didn’t share the concern with the doctor, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Personally, I think you’re freaking yourself out. Dwelling on it.

Abruptly change your pace. Take ½ day off and visit the zoo. Go to a (new) spa. Test drive a fantastic car. Just “get out of” yourself. If the dream recurs, get a full body scan.

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You’re fine. It’s akin to monsters under the bed.

I used to always have dreams that caused anxiety because I could never get to the place I needed to get to or find the thing I needed to find or reach the person I needed to reach. Then I decided to “ask” for better dreams before I went to sleep. What happened is that I had similar dreams, but they no longer made me anxious. Somehow, I wasn’t disturbed by the circumstances.

Anyway, if that answer doesn’t satisfy you then you might try a dream dictionary like

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