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Computer Shutting Down Automatically?

Asked by Vikz (8points) October 10th, 2014

I have a desktop which I generally use for gaming but since last three days I turn on my computer for Half an Hour it automatically shuts down. I even checked the problem in the internet many says its heating problem so i checked it I have 8 Fans in my CPU and each of them seems to work properly but still the computer shuts down automatically. Please help Me

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Have a look at the fan and heat sink on your CPU. How much dust is on there?

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How old is the PC?

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The PC is like 6 months old

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I cleaned it too but nothing

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Are your mainboard’s capacitors bulging like this?

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No its fine.

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Full computer specs, please!

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Motherboar: MSi Z87-G45 GAMING
INTEL CORE: i7 4790K
Graphic Card: GEFORCE GTX 750Ti

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do u need more or is it enough ?

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And I would check that your heatsink is properly seated and that the correct amount of grease was added. I would completely remove the cpu cooler and install it properly.

And are you overclocking?

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If your computer is overheating, then the OS should log that fact somewhere.
Under Linux you’d find this under /var/log/messages.1 most likely (depending on logrotate settings, etc. The “messages.*” logs are timestamped, so you can grep for the relevant time period.)
I don’t know if or where Windows keeps system logs, but apparently there’s a program called Event Viewer for viewing them, so they must exist.

My advice, as long as you’ve got the case open, is to grab a can of air and blow everything out. A coating of dust will insulate your heatsinks, which makes them not work. Even if your computer isn’t overheating, blowing out the dust won’t hurt anything and might help.

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Yes I am overclocking

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Drop the OC.

You’ve upped the vCore voltage to keep the CPU stable, right? The heat generated by the extra voltage may be what is causing it to shut down. if the PC behaves normally after removing the OC, you’ve isolated the problem.

You said you’ve got 8 fans on the case. Does your PC sound like a helicopter taking off? What heatsink/fan combination do you have on the processor?

@rexacoracofalipitorius – Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.

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