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Does a guardian ad litem have to be court appointed?

Asked by L1952 (206points) October 11th, 2014 from iPhone

I am looking for one on Google using key words along with my county but I cannot find any, How do you find one?

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I just typed in “guardian ad litem” along with the name of my state into Google and immediately found one near me, along with a lot of information pertaining to guardian ad litem programs in the state. Not sure why you’re not finding anything.

As for your main question, “Guardians ad litem are persons appointed by the court to represent “the best interests of the child” in court proceedings. In family court, guardians are appointed in contested custody and visitation cases, name changes, adoptions, DSS abuse and neglect cases, and termination of parental rights cases. In contested custody and visitation cases, the guardian is often selected by the parties’ attorneys.”

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Guardian ad litem programs in Flordia by county.

Suzanne Parker, Circuit Director

Thirteenth Judicial Circuit
700 East Twiggs Street, Suite 750
Tampa, FL 33602

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I petitioned my daughters father for modification of timesharing because of suspected sexual abuse. Is this something they would appoint a guardian ad litem for? and do I have to go to the court house to request one? Will the fathee be obligated to pay half of the fees for the GAL?

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These continue to be questions for your attorney and not us.

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I just figure someone might now, So I don’t have to wonder all weekend…

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In the County I work for (I work in the field you are discussing), the court appoints them. If the parent paid one, it would not be objective, as the attorney would be working for the client (the person who pays them). The whole point is that this is someone working for the child, someone looking at the needs and interests of the child, not what the parents think is right. In the County I work in, the parent does not pay for this service. It’s “your tax dollars at work.”

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So @jca do you not think a court would appoint one in this case? and if I got my own they wouldn’t accept it as evidence?

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And do I need to put in a request for one to be appointed or how does it work?

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