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What if the marriage license expires on the wedding day?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11979points) October 12th, 2014

Our marriage license is good through November 15, 2014. That happens to be the very date of the wedding. Will this cause any issues? We live in NY.

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It sounds like it would be fine. What is the exact wording on the document?

If “good through…”, you may have obtained it from an unreliable source. ;)

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Gosh. I don’t remember an “expiration date” on my license!

If it is good “through” then that means it expires on November 16.

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I just asked a question about this.

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It’s fine. I was also married in NY and “good through” means through that day. As in, up until 11:59PM on the 15th.

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You can always call them tomorrow and see it it can be extended, if it makes you feel better.

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A marriage license with an expiration date? Is that a new thing? So will divorce lawyers be out of work now? LOL

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The expiration date really refers to the date the paperwork must be completed by before having to reapply.

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