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What does it mean when someone endorses me on Linkedin?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42442points) October 12th, 2014

I have an account, but never, ever use it. I do got notifications once in a while. Just got one that some guy endorsed me, but I have NO idea who this person is, or why he endorsed me.

What does it mean?

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It means that when he logged in, LinkedIn popped up a box soliciting endorsements and he randomly clicked on some skill that you listed on your page.

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It just means that they have seen and approved your profile, or have a similar background or interest. Are you in the job market? I’ve been told linked in can be very useful.

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I am in the job market. He endorsed me for “Education management.” But I have no idea who he is!

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Maybe someone you knew a long time ago?

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Well, the only Jim Morrison I’ve ever known is daid, daid, daid!

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The silly thing about “endorsements” is your profile pops up on the page of all your contacts; they click like crazy and endorse you, and then you get prompts to endorse them back and also endorse every one you are connected to.

I knew it got silly when the guy who runs our building maintenance (makes sure there are janitors and the trash gets taken out) endorsed me as an expert in electronic bond trading. This guy wouldn’t know electronic trading if it bit him on the ass, so what good is his endorsement?

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Nothing, really.

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