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What are some factors that amplified the international competition of imperialism and colonialism from 1870-1914?

Asked by Wine (641points) October 12th, 2014

and what was the impact for both the colonizing powers and those who were colonized?

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Is this a homework question?

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Sighting of the first flying saucers in 1870 caused traders around the world to decide that commerce with aliens from other planets was a desirable thing.

As such, the major powers that already had laser guided missiles decide to aim those at alien spaceships and shoot them down. When that proved unsuccessful, the countries decided to shoot at each other instead.

It didn’t work – the aliens colonized most of Europe first, and then landed their UFOs in New York state. After that, alien conquest of america took place, and colonization of North America by aliens continued. In fact, most people in the US today are descended from tose original aliens that landed in 1870.

Of course, you can do your own homework and get the real answer.

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I read this question in the voice of Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.

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@Wine Consider what was going on in the world. The US was licking it’s wounds from the Civil War but starting to feel frisky, Europe had pretty much been tossed out of the New World areas they wanted, but they still wanted more resources. What was happening to industries? Manufacturing processes? Technologies?

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International athletic events have been the main driver in imperialism dating back to Ancient Greece. Once local talent pools had been exploited and certain areas consistently dominated, the search for talent expanded beyond the previously circumscribed areas. Thus, Alexander conquered the “known” world, and then Rome dominated Western Europe and the Mediterranean.

The resurgence of international athletics in the early 19th century in Great Britain once again brought up the need for talent. By the 1860s, international events in England drove the development of the colonies to be an integral feed system. This was followed by the development of the Amateur Athletic Union in 1880, and then the escalation in 1896 with the reintroduction of the Olympics.

(Please note: “Amateur” athletics was really a euphemism for athletic slavery; athletes could not earn money and were owned and governed by the athletic organization of their country.)

By World War One, the western powers had divided the world’s athletic powers. The two World Wars were attempts to re-divide the talent pools. WWI was a draw; WWII, which many would say started with the Munich games in 1936, was to settle things once and for all.

And while imperialism and colonialism shifted dramatically in the post war era, it was not eradicated but replaced by cold war era spheres of hegemony. Thus, the hockey competition between the US and USSR at the 1960 Winter Games, the threat of the client state East German swimming in the 1970s, the confusion raised by third world dominance in Track, and the geo-political shift with the Chinese dominated Table Tennis gaining Olympic recognition.

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Old world ideas about the Earth and themselves, coupled with a increasing rarity of lands to be claimed.
@zenvelo It could be said that ‘The Great War’ (which I call it) began in about 1870 and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Events/conditions/philosophies began that created WWI which led to WWII which led to The Cold War.

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Steampunk was invented in 1877. That had a huge influence on colonial trade goods such as aviator goggles and fancy hats. The advent of the steam-powered dirigible and the adamantium monocle led to a newly fashion-conscious and mobile colonial population, planting the seeds for the downfall of European imperialism. Don’t forget to include that in your essay, it’s important.

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You guys can be real assholes. Laughs. At least I tried a bit.

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@Adirondackwannabe What? You thought I was being facetious? I gave a concise summary of Western Civilization for Athletics Majors.

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@zenvelo LMAO. I would love to see the instructor’s response to that on the homework.

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I hope he copies @elbanditoroso‘s answer!

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Prior to submitting this question I had already done a decent amount of research through databases and my textbook. I had all the pieces and didn’t know how to put together the “bigger picture.” Though my part of placing this into the social category may have been a mistake. I think I did well on my exam, and now hold what I once thought of as a helpful forum to a lower standard.

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^^^^ In the future, place include that kind of information in the details. We get a lot of kids who want us to do all the work for them when they get a homework problem, and they will just copy and paste our answers. We feel that’s cheating.

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I did get a decent amount of chuckles from this though :P

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@Wine We get quite a few homework questions. @Dutchess_III is correct!

If you had phrased it that way, chances are you would have gotten some more serious answers. The way it was written, the question looked copied straight from the textbook. It left me thinking, “oh lordy, not one of these again.”

I’m glad you did well on your test!

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