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Sword swallowing?

Asked by c0nfus3d (30points) October 12th, 2014

Have any of you ever tried to learn to swallow swords? I’ve been practicing for about a month and it’s definitely hard work. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever tried learning and, if so, what your experience was like.

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Sounds like a belly ache to me.

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No, never tried and don’t intend to do it. It just makes my throat hurt to see or think about it. I always used to wonder if its real or fake.

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The wife has swallowed my pork sword on numerous occasions, that’s all I got.

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It can’t be as dangerous as this

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There are certain things that I consider not worth the risk.
Shoving a blade down my esophagus is one of them.

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I knew a person who could swallow a sword. He was a street busker, and I met him in New Orleans during the time leading up to Mardis Gras. The sword he used was very real. He would also juggle swords, knives, daggers, etc., and when he performed he wore steel-toed boots to protect his toes.

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Just thinking of swallowing a sword over activates my gag reflex.

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@Smitha There are people who fake it, but it can be very real. However, I’m not interested in fake.

@elbanditoroso Fire breathing and sword swallowing are both extremely dangerous.

@Dutchess_III Are you asking why I want to learn to do it? If so, it’s because I like to challenge myself and, in my opinion, it’s an extremely respectable and admirable skill.

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Don’t care how many swords you swallow, you still won’t get past the TSA. They’re on to ya!

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