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Can we celebrate today as they do in a few US cities?

Asked by canidmajor (18313points) October 13th, 2014

A few US cities have declared Columbus Day out, and Indigenous Peoples Day is in. I like this idea a lot better than Columbus Day.

(And BTW, Happy Thanksgiving to our northern neighbors!)

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Yes! I’ve always loved this idea. It’s still controversial in my hometown, but both of the local universities have stopped recognizing Columbus Day and started recognizing Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead. I was disappointed to discover that my current city hasn’t even considered the issue.

My family contains both Onondagans and Norwegians, two groups who were here long before Columbus (one much longer than the other, of course. We are always happy to see this sort of idea spread).

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This is one of those times that I am thrilled with the concept of social media! as a means to disseminate these ideas so far and so quickly. :-)

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This is a silly holiday. If I am going to thank anyone, it’s Columbus. I have no particular reason to celebrate Indigenous Peoples. Especially with a euphemism like that.

Banks are closed, the Post office is closed, and I have to work. What’s to celebrate?

If there’s any fall holiday that make sense, it ought to be Election Day (in a couple weeks).

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I am so for the change. I never understood Columbus Day. Some loser with no boat goes begging, impresses some gal, gets boats, botches the whole deal, and he’s too dumb to even realize he botched.
I think declaring a more appropriate reason for a holiday is right in line!
I also think it should be a paid holiday for proven Indigenous People.

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I think we can just put a line through Columbus day and end it there. If we are going for European discovery then it should just as well be Leif Erickson day. Having an indigenous people day is somewhat degrading to them I.M.O. Also, it’s somewhat pointless since a good majority of “European” Americans have at least some native American ancestry. At what point do people become indigenous anyway?

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It’s Columbus day.

While North America has been discovered multiple times by multiple peoples I challenge any Flutherite to claim he or she has done anything nearly as challenging and significant as what Columbus has.

If you have then I will happily agree to having a national holiday in your honor.

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Well, I’m going to warm some cider, and wish myself a happy turning leaves and drizzle day!

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Today is Columbus Day. Period.
Hell, If you don’t like it don’t celebrate it. There will always be the party poopers who want to ruin something for everyone.

In New York we have St Patricks day, West Indian Day, Puerto Rican Day, Chinese New Year parades, Gay Pride parade, The parades are endless, so let the Italians have their day damn it!!

And to non Americans. Mind your dang business, it’s not your problem!! <as you can tell I feel strongly about this> :)

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@Here2_4: that is the best response yet to this question (except the drizzle.)

I can’t think of a better way to observe this non holiday than to curl up with the Fluther collective.

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Italians can have their own parade if they wish, but Columbus Day is silly. He never even set foot in America and he was so confused he thought he was in India.


Not sure that what Columbus did wasn’t really all that challenging. Even in his day people were routinely making much longer and more arduous voyages voyages at sea. He just went a bit further west than most people did in those days.

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This may be off-topic but @elbanditoroso .. Absolutely correct!! Every four years a most important day arrives that involves every American voter yet it’s not considered a holiday, no one (but the wealthy) have the day off and the voting booths are open during working hours with just a few beyond this but set to close almost before the worker can get off, go home and change and make it to the station. This indeed should become a national holiday and a paid one at that (after all it’s only one day every four years) so that each American who chooses to vote won’t be limited as to when they can vote. I’m all for it and would picket congress if it came to that but it’s such a no-brainer that I feel even our politicians could (and should) have figured this out generations ago, A s a matter of fact, ALL recognized election days should be a paid national holiday. Thanks for pointing out such an important issue..

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Columbus’ atrocities (and they are many) shouldn’t stop us from celebrating Columbus Day anymore than terrorism stops us from celebrating Bin Laden’s Day. What’s that? We don’t celebrate Bin Laden’s Day? Well, whaddya know. The argument that this is a day for Italians is bullshit. We’re honoring a slaver the same way we honor MLK Jr. Pretty strange, yeah? So fine, have an Italian-American Day. But there’s no reason to make it “Let’s celebrate this particular asshole who happened to be an Italian (but still had to sail for Spain)” Day.

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