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Diamond nanothreads. My first thought was jeans tougher than kids' knees. What are the potential uses?

Asked by Here2_4 (7142points) October 13th, 2014

Please, inform us all what you know about diamond nanothreads, and potential uses. What has already been considered for this fantastic discovery. Also, discuss all your own ideas how diamond nanothreads could improve something.
I can’t imagine what the weight or texture must be, but it would be nice if it could be used for everyday items, such as clothing.
Is that feasible?

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Please define diamond nanothreads.

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Hmm. How flammable would diamond trousers be?

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In addition to the fact that it’s exceedingly strong, they also mentioned that it’s extremely stiff.

Maybe not the best idea for making kids clothing.

On the other hand, if they can’t bend the legs then they wouldn’t be wearing out the jeans at the knees :)

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Yes, how about that? Is it feasible? What would be the benefits? The risks? The expense?
So far, they are only able to create very small portions at a time, a few millimeters long. Will we lose interest, or run out of need before the technology can evolve enough to create such a device?
If not clothing, I think it would make terrific protective gear for sports, and dangerous occupations.

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Based on what I have read we are still a long way off. Eventually though if we have not found any more suitable technology for propulsion one of those would eventually be built. It would change human history. Essentially it would be a resource engine. It would bring power, materials and other spoils down to earth and transfer other needed resources into orbit. Imagine a couple on earth and a couple on the moon. Then Mars, then settlements in the stratosphere of Venus, asteroids and moons of other planets. We could be in a star trek world in less than a hundred years.

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Never hoid of it.

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