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Name something you would try to retrieve from a glue trap and risk getting stuck?

Asked by crissy14 (631points) October 14th, 2014

Just like a mouse getting the cheese.

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My graduation certificate.

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My last peanut M&M. :-)

Just kidding. Really, unless there was something dead on the strip or something else disgusting on it I’d probably pull anything of value off the thing.

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In large enough amount, cash, or other such assets, gold, platinum, etc. The deed to my house.

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Pachy’s willie.

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My brother.

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Pachy’s willie.

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An Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator. I think, if it was shiny, anyway.

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The trap itself.

True story. I friend f mine had a small garage with a flat roof that began to leak. He decided he would cover the roof with a sheet of rolled rubber roofing that gets glued in place. The rolls weighted about 100 pounds. Rather than ask for help he tried to do the job himself. Impossible! After a few feet the roll got a little sideways and while he was trying to straighten it out he stepped in the sticky glue which spread to the top side of the material, which spread to him, which spread to… The material folded over and glued to itself. Things got worse and worse as he tried to unstick himself until he finally rolled the mess up into a ball and threw it off the roof to be thrown away. $500 down the toilet!

I asked if I could have it. I took the giant, wadded up ball of rubber and goo and slowly stretched it out and sprinkled talcum powder all over it to cover the sticky spots. I placed it on the ground in my woods to make a nice camping spot for tents. It has been there for about 10 years and is still nice. The material is supposed to last 50 years! I believe it.

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Very interesting if you think of the mouse’s perspective with a mansized trap.. What is worth risking my life to retrieve? Narrows the field down a lot. I initially thought keys, maybe my wallet and then thought screw it, those things aren’t worth my life.

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A ten dollar bill, or for that matter anything denominated beyond a dime.

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A non stick pan, not much of a challenge I know, but still.

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@Araphel You could also push her down on the trap to insure she’s stuck, so you could tease or torment her for a bit. (Did I say that out loud?)

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@ Adiron. I can hear the sounds of an axe being dragged this way, I’d suggest you run.

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I had the car gassed and running before I posted that. :)

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@Adrion. Is that suppose to save you? (Grins)

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@Araphel I’m turning to my charm and boyish good looks if that doesn’t work. Think I have a chance?

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@ Adiron. Save yourself and bite your tongue now before you completely lose it.

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Sounds fun!

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Any Helpless Child or Adult.

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