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Does anybody know about collecting sports cards, like authenticity, and value?

Asked by Pixidust (263points) October 14th, 2014

I have a bunch of sports cards. They were a kind of a garage sale deal. There is a bunch. I don’t know anything about them. I thought it would be kind of easy to look up if they are worth anything, but I was wrong. I am confused, because some of them seemed like pretty big names, but the listings I see on ebay are all over the place with the prices.
Can anybody help me? I was going to find a place to see about selling them, but I don’t trust those shops much. I feel like they are going to lie to me so they can get something of value for next to nothing. If I could find just one valuable card in the bunch it would be worth the cost of buying them.

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I have a huge ass box full of them from when I was a kid. It may be worth a hunded bucks or so. Hardly worth keeping IMO. They have some value but I would not expect much unless they are older. pre 1980 is about where they start to be worth something. Beckett used to be the reliable price guide. They probably have a website now, I would use that for starters.

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I’ll try. Thanks!

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If they were baseball cards I’d take them over to Cooperstown and check with some of the card shops. Some of the older cards get a pretty nice price.

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