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Does anyone have any idea how much assistance my daughter can get toward childcare with an income of around $2400 a month?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42477points) October 15th, 2014

Her household income has gone up so the state has to re-figure her assistance. Right now SRS pays it all, $900 a month for the twins. Which is insane, IMO. It’s more than what she makes per check. She’s just freaking out. I’m trying to find out what I can, and hopefully give her some reassurance.

I’m trying to find the guidelines for Kansas, but am having no luck.

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They use many factors in their calculations – probably what she pays for housing, heat, etc. all gets added up, then they factor her household size and all her sources of income. They put it all into a computer and the computer spits out the answer. They should give her a document that shows how they arrive at their answer.

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On another note, this is why it’s important for everyone to vote. Many times people feel like their local elections really don’t matter, and the larger elections really don’t matter, but when it comes to stuff like this, politicians have the ability to cut or divert grants and funding or increase funding, depending on how conservative or liberal they may be.

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