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Can you paint Nubuck shoes?

Asked by susanc (16134points) October 15th, 2014

The shoes I haven’t yet bought come in bright bright blue or black. I want navy. Nubuck: can it be recolored? How?

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Nubuck is another name for suede, right?

At least it was last time I had Nubuck shoes. I would assume that the type of dye used would be the critical factor here.

Obviously it’s possible to dye suede products, but I’m assuming there’s a significant difference between products designed for home use vs those used professionally.

You just have to make inquiries to the dye manufacturer and make absolutely certainthat it’s designed to dye suede products. I’m assuming that would exclude water based dyes and necessitate a solvent base. Water based can destroy the nap of the suede.

(I remember how I was always checking the weather to be certain that my Nubuck shoes wouldn’t get wet. Regular leather can just be wiped off to be dried; just not that easy with suede.)

Also be sure to get a short wired brush for maintaining the nap on your Nubucks.

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Dharma Trading has the best collection of dyes out there. They would be able to answer your question, would have the appropriate medium to dye suede, and would be able to tell you how.

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