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Why is Fluther not working with Mozilla on my PC?

Asked by Michael (2685points) July 10th, 2008

I have a Dell at work and usually use Mozilla Firefox as my browser of choice. Recently (like in the past several days) every time I go to Fluther, I get a MOD_Python Error, and there’s a whole bunch of text on the screen. Fluther works fine with IE, and it works fine with Firefox on my Mac at home, so what the heck is going on?

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What version of Firefox are you using?

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I’m not sure exactly…but it updates automatically. Also, this wasn’t always a problem. It used to work just fine with firefox on my work pc.

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This is actually a weird cookie bug… we see only 1 or 2 users who have this problem (maybe just you?). We will be fixing it soon, but in the meantime if you clear your cookies that should fix it.

Let me know if that takes care of things, or if you have any other trouble.

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Ben, that totally worked! I’m typing this using Firefox right now. Woohoo. No more crappy Internet Explorer.

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and just for your general knowledge, if you go to “Help” and then “About Firefox”, a pop up window will tell you it’s version.

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PnL. Awesome. Thanks!

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Why do you need Fluther at work anyway :p Don’t let your boss catch you, or me :p

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I take total and complete responsibility for that. I’m so sorry.

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Ach, I should have known. Jeebus, Andrew, can you do anything right?

P.S. That doesn’t look like real poo to me. Call me when it’s real poo.

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