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So is @paradox25 in the mansion now or not?

Asked by imnottellingu (493points) October 15th, 2014

Lets make sure we all laugh as we send @paradox25 in to the mansion. Like this
I know how you love to take in stray animals so, try these out for size!
lets all be happy ( and celebrate the good times had with you.

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Yes! Ain’t no Paradox, ĥe’s in. Congrats!

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Yes, now that you mension it, he IS in the mantion! ;-)


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@Paradox25 couldn’t just be in, if they are, then wouldn’t that make them less of a paradox?

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Have a happy party. :)

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Congratulations Paradox !! Amazing videos by the way…made me chuckle emphatically ;)

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Nice job!!!!

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Congrats, good work! :)

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I am pretty new here, and I don’t remember seeing your name before, but I read your profile to see who you are All that told me was you like cats, probably. Your response history was more telling. Happy 10 K club.

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Always enjoy your answers and thank you for being here.

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Welcome @paradox25 ! Congo rats and a great googlie wooglie!

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Yay! @Paradox25 is in the mantion! I haven’t even made it to the mantion yet! What an accomplishment. :D

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Congrats on the 10k!
Hey! Let’s all go out to a fast food place like McD’s to celebrate. Wait… This is for @Paradox25 ! ... Something tells me we will be waiting a looong time. Maybe when hamburgers learn to fly or executive pay is limited to 100x the lowest wage rate worker.

Thanks for all your contributions!

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Welcome ti da big house,

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This is good and not bad!

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Yay…another jelly ascends the staircase to fluther heaven.
Cheers….lets play some Led Zeppelin and have a cocktail or 7. lol

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This congratulation is false. Well it doesn’t work that way. Congrats!

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Congrats to @paradox25, welcome to the 10k club

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10Kongratulations @paradox25 even if you are an imposter.

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^^^ Maybe, but I forget who the imposter was, sooo….lol

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Finally another party in the mansion. It’s been ages since we have had one and this was a long awaited party. Congratulations @paradox25! Love your input here.

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Congrats! Glad you decided to stick around. =)

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I can’t tell for sure if they’re in the mansion or outside the mansion. But congrats just the same!

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Good for you. It’s about time :)

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Thank you everyone. A great deal of things in my life have changed within the past year so I probably will only be on here occasionally from now on.

@Buttonstc Yeah, I know, it took like forever. lol.

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