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When will the new iPhone software update actually come out?

Asked by tirithalui (408points) July 10th, 2008

I downloaded the new iTunes and like a good casual mac fanboy I trundled through the new app store section downloading some free apps and Super Monkey Ball. But I found that the 2.0 software isn’t even out yet, this seems a little weird to me. Why would they let you download the apps when you have no way of using them?
Maybe I’m just impatient but does anyone know when it’ll land?

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I have it already. If you would like it also go to I’m loving the update. A whole new phone again.

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im updating mine to 2.0 as we speak, follow willbrawns link. wow my phone just popped up right now and i have apps and everything on it

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Here’s the direct link to the MacRumors story, which will keep sliding down the main page today.

There’s some very good advice to follow. And note that Apple is likely to provide the official link/download at any moment. So you might could wait, if you can stand it. ;-D

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Isn’t it crazy how we get excited about such silly things really? Aren’t us Humans gas all the same!
But Hurrah for 2.0. I’m soooo excited.

Only things though. I’ve been fiddling with it for about an hour now, and the Irish app store doesn’t appear to have a single game. I WANT TO PLAY WITH MONKEY BALLS.

Now that’s not something you hear every day eh.

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When i download the file from macrumors, ir won’t let me do any of that. it shows a folder in my downloads called “iPhone 1,2_2”, and I control click “check for upgrades, and it won’t let me use anything from that download.

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What browser did you use to download it? I think I read something earlier about safari messing things up.

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Yeah safari. I’ll try firefox.

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yeah i think that’s best. Something about saving as a zip file or something like that.

I downloaded mine in firefox and no big troubles.

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Should it take a long time for the iphone to prepare for the update? It’s been probably twenty minutes of a little waiting screen, and my phone showing only the apple logo.

Edit: op, speak of the devil. It’s working now. I backwards jinxed it. :)

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I downloaded 2.0 using Firefox, and when I click check for updates in iTunes; it says current version up to date(1.1.4)

Somebody help!

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option+click on it, and select the update from your downloads folder. :) hope that works.

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if you have problems using the file once you have downloaded for 2.0 then rename the file taking off the .zip and when you hit update hit option at the same time to select the downloaded file.

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Thanks! I got it!

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I still cant get the update from itunes! Its killing me! Its almost 8am on the west coast!

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It should be live now.

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2.0 came out for me at 8:12

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