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Have you ever suggested a home remedy to someone...and it worked?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42444points) October 17th, 2014

Since we’re on the subject of poo, it prompted me to ask this.

Savannah has been badly constipated for the last two days. It was to the point that if you picked her up and put her bottom on your arm to carry her, she’d cry.

So Corrie went to the store to get some baby laxatives. She called me while she was there to get some advice. The laxatives were $6.00 and she didn’t have $6.00. :( I suggested mineral oil, so she went and found that. It states on the bottle that it is a gentle laxative, which I didn’t know. I just thought oil, even vegetable oil, would have that affect. So I even suggested vegetable oil.

Then I told her that when her bro was little he was prone to constipation and I started giving him one bottle of brown sugar water every day, and never had another problem.

She decided to go the brown sugar route. She gave her the bottle before bed.

Today she called and said, “Your home remedy worked! REALLY well!”

Without going into all the STFU worked. Savannah must feel so much better.

I was so glad I was able to give her good advice, and it was a free fix. (They are so strapped for money…) I was really, really tickled!

Have you ever been able to help out a friend, and how did it make you feel?

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<<< Not a doctor…
I work with a lot of teen models and actors. Many battle severe acne and use prescription meds. I advise exfoliating with regular baking soda twice a week, gently. In all cases, for thirty years, it clears them right up, even after they drop meds. I think this was Grandma’s advise.

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Ginger for motion sickness. Yes, it does work. unless you have gallbladder issues, then don’t

<—not a doctor.

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↑ No doctors.

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↑ Doctor! ↓ Doctor →Gimme the news ← I gotta a bad case of loving ↔ YOU! √. ♫

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Yes, frequently, and they really do work. Everything from acupressure for dental pain to onion poultice for chest congestion to homeopathy for flu and muscle aches to essential oils to help with trauma to… Well, you get the idea.

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I traumatized my daughter with boiled onions once!

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