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Should I correct myself if I responded to a recruiter with a mistake in grammar?

Asked by chelle21689 (7377points) October 17th, 2014 from iPhone

A recruiter reached out to me for a phone interview and I responded a bit late since they are now closed. I told her my availability and said, “I look forward to hear from you!” and then I realized it was “hearing” instead of “hear”. Should I send a second email correcting myself? She might notice since her email said, “I look forward to hearing from you.”

Is this really that big of a mistake to hold against someone? I haven’t had any luck with jobs lately and I don’t want to ruin chances with this one since it’s a great opportunity.

I’m probably over thinking it lol

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It can’t hurt, even though it is a minor issue.

(“Is this really that big a mistake?”…The “of” is incorrect and unnecessary even though you will see this a lot. That doesn’t make it proper usage)

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Since the message was sent to a recruiter, my vote is to skip it via e-mail and mention it at the end of the phone interview, if at all.

The more important lesson here is what has been learned from this mistake. Having worked with hiring managers, I’ve seen applications filed at the bottom of the pile due to grammatical errors.

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No, there is no need to do so. Recruiters want to present the best candidates for an opportunity. You’ll want to watch for grammar and spelling mistakes going forward, but I wouldn’t worry too much about this, rather focus on why you might be a good fit for the job. Good luck!

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Don’t worry. Military recruiters have tight quotas to fill.If you are qualified to get in, you could stomp on the recruiter’s foot and still get in.

They deal with nervous young women and men all the time. I.m sure she has witnessed some mess ups much bigger than that. We all mess up a word now and then. I think to mention it would only serve to give it too much attention. Just let it be past.
Good luck with the interview. I bet you will do just fine.

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@Here2_4 What makes you think this is a military recruiter?

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I wouldn’t. Even though I don’t think it’s a very minor error and probably wasn’t even noticed, I see no need to call attention to it.

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No…But that is just my personal experience in that if I did something like that on such a minuscule mistake it was said to make me look not confident or inferior.

I mean assess it for a moment. Do you really think its necessary? Hey, it is your choice. If it was me. No.

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@livelaughlove21 – because of the word, recruiter. If it is not someone from the military, would they not have said “Personnel” or HR?
@chelle21689 , if I was wrong about who is recruiting you, I’m sorry. Even though my boys are in their twenties now, I spent years with recruiters on my phone, in my mailbox, sometimes I felt like they followed us. They seem ruthless. I still get my hackles up when I hear the word.
My advice still stands about the error though. It was small, and easy to make, and calling attention to it would give it more importance than your actual appointment.

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Thanks for responses. I’ve been reading too many articles lol one little error and you’re done for they say.

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@chelle21689 One little error may make the difference for the hiring manager, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the applicant is done. If it was between you and another qualified candidate, it may though. This is why it is important to proof-read anything submitted.

A recruiter is another matter. Their responsibility is to find viable candidates to fill a void. They are paid for recruiting, not hiring.

@Here2_4 Recruiters are available outside of the military as well. Sometimes they are referred to as headhunters.

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Good heavens! What sort of job needs a headhunter? All the jobs I know of just have personnel managers.
All the recruiters I know walk around the mall looking for young men who could use a haircut.

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@Here2_4 Since the question is in General, I’ll send you a PM.

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@Here2_4 “What sort of job needs a headhunter?”

Plenty, apparently, because a lot of fields use recruiters.

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Well I asked a question. I was being sincere. I never heard of them. One person answered my question, another person took a shot at me. So that is how people get treated on Fluther, and then the people who don’t leave wonder where all the good ones went. I guess they went where they can ask questions without somebody being rude about their need for information.

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Welcome to Fluther! It’s not for the faint of heart, or the overly sensitive.

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