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Is it me or is Fluther so laggy today?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (18092points) October 17th, 2014

Fluther is taking so long to load, and I keep getting that internal error message many times. Is anyone experience the same thing, or is my internet connection messing up with me?

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Not just you, it’s happening to me as well. Thought it might just be my internet connection, but now I know better.

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I can’t pm.

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I can’t pm and it is laggy.

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Yep, very laggy draggy, have gotten the internal server error several times too. The usual clear your cache and cookies hasn’t helped. ‘Tis what it is.

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Oh my. So I’m not alone. Is there an unseen spam attack somewhere here? ~

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Most likely a problem with a server at the hosting company. At least that’s what it’s frequently been due to in the past.

Send a pm to a mod and hopefully they’ll have someone look into it.

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Dr. J has become a sloth.

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Everything is back to normal now.

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It’s very slow, user wise. :(

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I was receiving that ‘Internal Server Error’ thing again, too.

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Seems better this morning, we shall see.

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I’m up to snuff, personally.

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