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On what subject do you hold extreme views?

Asked by flutherother (30158points) October 18th, 2014

Most of us are moderate and tolerant in our opinions but there are usually some issues that we feel particularly strongly about. What issues would you refuse to compromise on?

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Marriage equality, or gay rights in general. There’s no valid argument against it.

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Universal healthcare

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Abortion rights

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All my views are “extreme”, depending on whom you ask.
Support universal healthcare? Extremist Commie.
Support proper taxation of the rich and corporations? Evil Socialist.
Support building a wall along the mexican border with armed guards with shoot to kill orders and a wide strip of land mines to kill as many mexican border crossers as possible? Reasonable american patriot concerned about immigration.

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Anti-vaccination parents should be charged with child abuse.

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Being intransigent.
I think I hold extreme views on media influence and gender.

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I don’t think I have any. Extreme views are generally unreasonable ones.

Where I see people fall off the deep end is how tolerant they are around people with views different from their own. The left leaners are especially guilty. Defending reasonable views from people with unreasonable ones is getting common. I your views impose or mandate certain things on others using “all or none” language then may be time to rethink what you believe.

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Religion. It’s a waste of time.

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“The left leaners are especially guilty.”
and apparently ISIS is left wing now.

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@ragingloli I’d say they are just evil and off the scale extreme.

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I don’t think “extreme” and “refuse to compromise” are the same thing. I feel strongly about feminism and racial equality- not just under the law, but socially, too. A lot of people I know think that sexism and racism are problems from 50 years ago, and that the work of feminism and racial equality is finished. Most of those people are white men, so yeah. Or that “reverse” racism and sexism are now the worst problems we face.

We can’t move forward as a society until everyone starts out in life with the same chances. Equal opportunity is supposed to be one of the greatest American values. Why not in real life?

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New York City has the best pizza.

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Chicago ^^

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Reproductive rights: I think every person should be educated, have access to free or inexpensive contraception, and that abortions should be safe and available. As long as women cannot control their own bodies, they are oppressed.

Feminism: I am a woman, and my very existence has the same value as a man’s – you know, the radical idea that women are people, too.

Environmental stewardship: should be obvious, but isn’t.

Marriage equality: the radical idea that homosexuals are people, too

Animal cruelty: including the shameful and unsafe way that we as a society produce our meat. (Ag Gag laws?!? Come on!!!)

Science: again, should be obvious. One word – Texas

Responsible gun ownership: Requiring that guns owners prove that they are responsible and safe owners is a violation of no one’s rights. I believe that guns owners should have to take a class, be tested for competency, carry a license, and have insurance coverage (you know, like a car – something that is not designed to be a weapon.)

I don’t consider any of my opinions extreme, I consider them bare facts of survival and fairness. Somehow, though, others disagree with me.

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Theism vs. Atheism.

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I live in the SF Bay Area, my views are considered mainstream around here, if not a little conservative.

Any place more than 25 miles east of me I am an extreme left wing libtard. Most of America considers my liberal views as extreme.

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Too many. It may well be a product of growing older. I can remember when I didn’t care much about social issues, and paid no attention to politics. My personal foam at the mouth issue would be the insufferable rise of whack-job conservatism.

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Conspiracy theorists.

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I’m with @syz.

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Paedophiles, roast their fucking nuts & sever their dicks with a big knife, sick cunts.

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I would have said I don’t have any extreme views and then I read the ‘extreme views’ cited above. So I support many of the extreme views expressed above.

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Gender issues, gender roles, male issues rarely being discussed in a serious light, etc. Probably because I don’t fit the stereotypical image of a ‘traditional’ guy, and having it thrown up to my face my entire life. Yep, I’ve been thrown off of quite a few tradcon-dominated websites being the loud and lone vocal dissenter. Scepticism, the paranormal and religion are other hotbed issues for me for a multitude of reasons, probably again due to personal experiences and interest levels.

Ironically politics does not bother me too much like it does for many others it seems.

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I have extreme views on several things, but they are also generally unpopular opinions, so I decline to voice those opinions. Orthodoxy doesn’t allow certain ideas to be expressed without social consequences, even if there are no legal consequences.

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Everything on @syz‘s list, plus euthanasia.

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I find it disturbing that such things as equality for women, LGBT rights and reproductive rights are considered to be “extreme views” in the US.

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@downtide I agree, but the question and the details don’t really ask the same question. I think most of us are responding to the question in the details. Issues we are unwilling to compromise on and feel strongly about.

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On the other hand, the definition of extreme is “furthest from the center or a given point; outermost.” So, be absolutely 100% supportive of marriage equality, for instance, is one “extreme” and being absolutely 100% against it is the other “extreme.”

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@livelaughlove21 Shit. If you look at my answer expecting it to answer the title question, it sounds like I’m a bigot.

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Milk chocolate is lame. Dark chocolate is the only way to go.

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All forms of human imprisonment count as unacceptably cruel punishment, and it ought to be the option of last resort. There is no such thing as deserving to be locked up.

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@wildpotato How do you propose we deal with paedophiles?

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@FireMadeFlesh you mean pedophiles who act on their pedophilic impulses, right? Chemical or surgical castration and lots of psychotherapy.

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make them priests and immune from prosecution

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@wildpotato So restricting the movements of a person and their potential interactions is unacceptably cruel, but forced alteration of their body and subjection to manipulative mental restructuring is perfectly okay, given the crime? You can’t be serious.

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I have to agree with @FireMadeFlesh here. There are certain behaviors there are no “fix” for.

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@wildpotato I’d argue that is a result of the structure of the community rather than the enforcement system. Poor people are desperate, and commit crimes of desperation. If the US didn’t practice a modern economic form of slavery, there would be less crime, and lower incarceration rates.

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