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How would I find out if my car was LoJacked?

Asked by blakemasnor (323points) July 10th, 2008

Are there usual places they are put? What does it look like?

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the police would be following you…..........

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It is my understanding that cars that have been outfitted with the Lo-jack system have the transmitter placed in a place you won’t be able to find. The reason for that is that they don’t want the bad guys to find it either. Take the car to a Lo-jack dealer and they probably can tell you whether or not you have on installed.

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From their FAQs:

“Ask your car dealer or the previous owner if the vehicle is equipped with LoJack. If there is a LoJack in your car, you will need to contact LoJack Customer Service at 1—(800)-4-LOJACK (1–800-456–5225) to arrange for an inspection appointment. See owners page for more information.”

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I have to ask, why are you so paranoid about someone putting lojack on your car???

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lojack = cheaper insurance.

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