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Which Font(s) Do You Use For Coding?

Asked by osullivanbr (3630points) July 10th, 2008
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Monaco 11pt with anti aliasing

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Hobo, 128 point.

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On Windows, Consolas;, 10 pt.

I like it as it has a slash thru the zero.

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@rob: That’s why I prefer Monaco to Courier New. That slash has saved me so many headaches since I switched.

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Andale Mono Bold 9

Obviously it can differentiate between o’s and 0’s (using dots).

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Monaco 16 pt. bold and antialiased

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Panic Sans, 11pt. It’s a modified version of Deja Vu Sans by Panic, Inc. This said, I do mostly interface design so I rarely have thousands of lines of code to read.

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Actually, I just switched to 12pt. It’s much better. Why was I using 11pt? BTW, the hinting seems much better in Panic Sans than Deja Vu Sans, which means I can read it noticeably faster. Other than that I can’t see many other differences.

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Courier New and that probably makes me uncool but i really dont care as long as the font is mono-spaced

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I coded in Georgia for a week for the hell of it. Wasn’t as bad as you’d think.

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Courier New 10pt.

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Oh, and I didn’t mention, if it’s late at night (which it is now) I switch to white on black. I find it much easier to read for longer considering the low light environment.

@mirza: Not really. There are more readable fonts though. You’ll notice the difference after a hell of a lot of typing.

@lefteh: Well, Georgia is pretty readable. But when you’re writing code, you expect to feel like you’re on the backend of something, not the front! :)

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Yeah, that was the reason I couldn’t stick with it.
I love Georgia, I use it for any document I’m printing and most of the web pages I develop. But I just couldn’t stand looking at what appeared to be a free tutorial site.

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NewsGothicMT 11pt

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Courier New 10pt. I got used to it since my first days of coding. I’ve tried others, but i just don’t seem to recognized really well what i am coding. So i stuck with it :P

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Usually either Panic Sans or Monaco.

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I can’t recommend Profont enough. It’s a font that was pretty much designed for coders, with great care taken to make every character distinguishable from the next. The number one, lowercase L, and capital i all look different, and you’ll never confuse capital O and the number zero. Give it a shot.

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Monaco or Lucida console

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Menlo Regular, 12pt

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