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What do you think of NYC, among other cities, issuing municipal IDs to undocumented immigrants so they can work, rent a place to live, etc.?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42438points) October 20th, 2014

Here’s the story.

Makes sense to me. It would bolster their economy.

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As long as they don’t wear their pajamas to the grocery store, I’m fine with it.

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What a great State I live in. People who have broken the law get rewarded with IDs so they can now compete with people who are here legally looking for work. wonder if they will get voter ID also.

Illegals have high jacked the word “undocumented” to a whole New meaning. They (illegals) send their money back to their home countries to help that economy. Drive cars with (probably) no insurance and pile up twenty people in a three room apartment while sending extra kids to public school paid for by legal New Yorkers. WOW I’M SOOOOOO PROUD!!!!

Talk about a one term mayor.

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I am all for it.

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The alternative is them being forced to be homeless and commit actual crimes. So it is a measure that makes sense.
all this vilification of illegal immigrants harkens back the 3rd Reich Propaganda against Jews

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there is one side of people talking like they know what goes on in New York, and the other side that live actually LIVE in New York and know the real deal. sort of like me talking about what goes on in Germany or Alabama like I live there and am an expert.

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Well, enlighten us, @BeenThereSaidThat. In MY personal experience the Mexican immigrants have always proven to be hard working, decent people. They do the hard, dirty, dangerous jobs white people don’t want to do. But that’s my experience. Share yours.

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This is certainly better than letting those people wonder along the streets of New York and commit robberies and crime, and sleep on the streets. The fact that they are taking away someone’s job may just mean that they do the job better, no matter the nationality. So maybe it would make more sense for everyone to turn a critical eye to themselves and to think why an employer prefers a non-native emigrant who was forced to run away from the poverty of their country to a qualified native speaker who had the opportunity to get a nice education and life and is still beaten by an emigrant.

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There are no shortage of jobs.

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I love this whole they take jobs argument, illegal immigrants often do jobs that most people wouldn’t ever want. I heard this shit all the time in the town I grew up in, but want to guess how many white people wanted to be out in a field all day picking blueberries?

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Yeah. Remember when in some state, whose name i do not care to remember or look up, they toughened up the immigration enforcement, and the harvest literally rotted on the field because they could not get enough workers to tend the fields?
But the cons never learn.

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We had our house reroofed about 6 years ago. One particular part was dangerously steep and about 50’ off the ground. The guy we hired to do our roof wouldn’t touch it. He called in some Mexicans to do it.

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