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I am curing olives and they have started to go brown, why is this?

Asked by Kimberley (10points) October 20th, 2014

I am curing olives in brine and they have started to go brown, why is this ?

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It says here that it’s best to cure black olives in brine. I assume from your question you’ve started out with green olives.

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Did you use an acid, like lemon juice? Or not much of it?
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I’m not too familiar with curing olives, but I do know that food items tend to turn brown due to oxidation. Is the container you are using to brine have a lot of headspace? That could easily introduce too much oxygen.

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Or the material of the container could be reacting with the brine solution if it’s not something like glass.

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“I am curing olives in brine.”

So glad.

‘Cause I read “urine”.

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They haven’t returned from the day they posted this question. I wish we could hear how it turned out.

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