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When I restore my iPhone does it have to be set up as a new phone for the 2.0 uprgrade?

Asked by teejay0514 (285points) July 10th, 2008

My iPhone is jailbroken, and I was wondering if I can just do a quick restore. Or does it have to be set up as a new phone when I restore it? Because I don’t wanna lose all my contacts again.

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no. wait I dunno about the jailbroken part. nvm. Lamest answer ever.

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It will erase everything, you can read a little bit (but what you are looking for) about it here.

EDIT:It’s in the middle paragraph

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@monsoon- You’re too hard on yourself. Your answer was the greatest lame answer ever. Lurve for you, my friend.

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@AstroChuck, Haha. Thanks. I wrote no, and then read the fine print, and couldn’t figure out how to delete, and there was born said lame answer.

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