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How's your day going?

Asked by Haleth (19538points) October 22nd, 2014

It’s chilly and rainy here, but I love weather like this. It’s comforting, because you can spend an evening cooking or reading a good book.

I’m learning all about single malt scotch, and it’s fascinating. How’s your day?

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I had a great day, but don’t know why. I cranked out work, 9 days before it was due, listened to lots of great tunes doing it, and never got irritated by anything all day. The entire drive in and out no one tied to kill me, someone sent me a notice (Public Health) telling me to send all my bills to them, well not quite that good. and I sent my mother flowers to go to her school. It’s her birthday Sunday. Not my usual luck. :)

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Pretty awesome, I was on my way to walk 4 miles to the grocery store but ended up getting a ride there so I was able to buy a lot more as well. On the way back we also stopped at a place that sells amazing homemade chocolate. Now I’m cooking a fish stock to make some soup with tonight.

It also hasn’t really rained much today which is a nice change compared to the last couple days. Yay rainy season in Costa Rica :P

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Very nasty, rainy day here so stressful driving Had a good day at work and a nice dinner with a cousin and now it’s great to be home and cozy for the rest of the evening.

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Been at work all day. Just found out a jury awarded us a 40 million dollar judgement. Looking for a big bonus at the end of the year.

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Feeling better getting over a couple of issues with my body this last 10 days or so.
A sprained back from riding and then a bout of tummy trouble. Fun. lol
Today is a great day, it is my friends birthday and I just watched a professional photo shoot with her husband and their horses and all the ranch pets here.

Can’t wait to see the pics. :-)

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It was good. Went to my math classes, talked to one of my professors about set theory, cardinality, and why 0!=1. Then I helped someone with their homework, then played in the pep band at a volleyball game. Still don’t have the guts to walk into the gym. Right now I’m preparing for a Spanish composiciĆ³n que tengo que escribir maƱana. Oh wait, I’m not doing that—I’m Fluthering!

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Can you believe I laid in the bed the entire day and read James Patterson??

At least I finally got up, took a shower, went to Aldi and fixed chicken piccata and baked potato with all the trimmings for dinner.

No I did not and do not eat chicken.

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It was good. I got some of my test results and they were pretty satisfying. One of them was higher than I expected. In one class when we played some quizes I helped my team win and we got some delicious rewards :p My friends were very grateful to me and I had that proud smile on my face.

Fluther was good too. I helped two new jellies here get around Fluther. I also helped them correct their English too. They seemed to be getting on well with this place and I do hope they would stay.

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Ugh! Haven’t slept right in days, and have had a low grade headache the whole time. ..

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Went for a nice walk around the big property here, trying to get my groove groovin’ again after being taken down with a back tweak and upset tummy the last 10 days.
I fed the donkeys horse cookies and they galloped around following me. Wrapped up the evening chores, and just got a weensie bit high. Helps my back ya know. haha
Anyone hungry?

I have dinner all laid out on the counter right now.
Fresh baked beets, baked potatoes, zippy baked cabbage, a London Broil in the crockpot with carrots and onions, AND…a berry pie for dessert. :-D
Coloma wanders off now…...

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You lost me at beets, @Coloma.

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@yankeetooter Haha…yeah, well they are not bad, I eat them because they are healthy.

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I only like beets with an Ivy League Education.

Revise: I’ve enjoyed some really good borscht.

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My days aren’t great at the moment, they are filled with a whole lot of apprehension and anxiety. I’m working on just taking each day (sometimes each hour) as it comes but I can’t help but worry about the future.

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8:51 am in rainy California.
Been sitting on the big porch with my coffee and about to head down to the stable to feed the horses then whip up a big pot of home made split pea soup and corn muffins for dinner later. A cozy rainy day at the ranch.

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