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Do you think the price of the iPod nano will drop?

Asked by writerini (154points) July 10th, 2008
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I think it is more likely that Apple with keep the prices and come out with a new generation.

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You can get a 3rd gen (wide) 4GB ipod nano refurb on right now for $99. Not too shabby.

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I do not believe that this will happen any time soon.

There are many different lines of iPod, at a different price point, each. Changing the price of the iPod nano would only whack out the delicate pricing balance that Apple has in place.

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DO NOT GET AN IPOD YET. I talked to a guy at the AT&T store about the iPhone 3G. He said Apple is going to make Touch screen nanos, shuffles, and possibly classics.
So don’t BUY JUST YET!

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Yes. I certainly trust the apple master who posted above me.~

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Yes you should.

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@swimmindude, apologies for busting in on such an already enlightened conversation…

Just becuase you heard from some guy at AT&T about alleged products means absolutely nothing. AT&T and Apple have a partnership over service for the iPhone. This, in and of itself is a secretive relationship. The CEO of AT&T was not shown the original iPhone until 2 weeks before it was shown to the general public. This goes to say that Apple shares virtually nothing with AT&T that they don’t have to.

Unless all iPods are to magically sprout GSM antennas, the CEO of AT&T, much less a sales clerk, would not know about it. Everything you have heard is nothing but hearsay.

When in doubt, just about everything you hear about Apple is hearsay. They have better friggin security than the Stassi!

Prices of all Apple products validate the other products’ pricing. Changing pricing would obsolete one or many of the current products. This is why prices remain where they are. As a side note, you may notice that when Apple updates one iPod, they update all of them. This keeps that balance in check.

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You are correct because the SAME guy at AT&T said that the $200 iPhone would be 4GB and the $300 would be 8GB

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It said it’ll drop on september, but don’t know true or not.

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